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In our previous blog post Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Natural Food For Maximum Male we talked about how stress can boost your cortisol and lower your testosterone but it’s absolutely crucial you also understand how some very common foods you may be eating on a daily basis may also be boosting your cortisol and killing your testosterone.

Remove The Obstructions – Lower Your Cortisol

In order for your body to regain its natural balance and actually use any of Mother Nature’s potent foods and supplements, it’s absolutely crucial to eliminate these foods that raise cortisol and block your production of Nitric Oxide and Testosterone, which kill the blood flow to your big guy.   

According to Doctors like Steven Gundry, endocrine disruptors like preservatives and WGA can block your body’s natural healing process and lead to disease and dysfunction.  To make sure you don’t fall prey to some of these toxic foods make sure you eliminate the following from your diet:

·      Processed Meats, Poultry & Fish – If at all possible, eat grass-fed and wild-caught fish without chemicals or preservatives.

·      Whole Grains & Processed Grains & Oils – Lectins like WGA and Gluten found in whole grains like wheat bread can cause weight gain and heart disease. Similarly, processed simple carbohydrates with processed oils and trans fatty acids like cookies, potato chips, French fries, pastries, and crackers can also lead to weight gain and dangerously high levels of cortisol. 

·      Artificial Sweeteners – Several studies show that artificial sweeteners like Splenda, NutraSweet, Sweet ‘N Low, Equal and Aspartame can lead to diabetes, atherosclerosis, IBS and addiction to sweets which makes you even fatter.  Instead, try raw honey or stevia and limit your use of these to once in a while instead of daily.

·      Give Fruit The Boot  – Too much fructose from fruit and fruit juice creates inflammation, cortisol, weight gain and can lead to diabetes, heart disease and “DD”!  Instead, try berries or chocolate in limited quantities.

natural ways to overcome ed When it comes to food and male potency killers, this is really just the tip of the iceberg and since it’s such a detailed subject, I’ve created The Power Diet Master Guide, which is a detailed map of foods in three categories: 

·      Power Boosting Foods

·      Power Limiting Foods

·      Power Draining Foods

This guide will show you exactly what foods kill your manpower and which will boost it.  To download the guide for FREE check The Power Diet. For a full educational webinar on natural ways to overcome ED check out this page Here.

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