Becoming A Lean, Mean, Fat Burning Machine With Ketosis — Best Diet For More Energy

Based on my previous blog, we’ve talked about how too much intake of carbohydrates can really affect your energy in a bad way. On today’s blog, we’ll be tackling about ketosis and why it’s the best diet for more energy.

Ketosis Can Unleash Maximum Power

If you really want to unleash maximum power both mentally and physically, the answer to this question and your new goal for the rest of your life should be this:  

I am committed to burning fat
as my primary fuel source!

To achieve this we’ll be optimizing two of our three key variables “Quantity” & “Frequency.”  

First, by increasing fat intake and lowering both carbs and protein we’ll optimize the first variable “Quantity” so you turn into a lean, mean, fat burning machine! Of course, you could swap out “mean” with “clean” or “kind” but you get the point.

Second, to optimize your second variable “Frequency” and boost your fat burning ability even further, we’ll be increasing the time you do not eat during the day.

By optimizing these two variables, your body will begin to shift towards “ketosis,” a naturally occurring metabolic state where your body burns primarily fat for fuel. This will then begin to significantly lower your levels of insulin while fatty acids are released from your body fat stores to use as energy. And yes, if you’re overweight that means shedding unwanted, unsightly fat (like butter on a hot frying pan).

And if for any reason you’re at all apprehensive about giving up some of those carbs and eating less, don’t worry; The Power Diet offers plenty of calories and allows for flexibility in macro consumption.  

And besides, the common myth that your brain needs 130 grams of carbs per day to function properly was debunked long ago. In fact, a report by the US Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board states:

The lower limit of dietary carbohydrates compatible with life apparently is zero, provided that adequate amounts of protein and fat are consumed.”

Yes, a zero-carb diet could be achieved but it’s considered extreme by most experts and it doesn’t allow for the consumption of many healthy foods that feed your brain with glucose, which brings us to the next piece of the flexibility formula. 

Since your brain cannot use fat as a fuel source, when your carb intake falls below roughly 50 grams per day, your liver produces ketones from fatty acids when glucose and insulin levels are low.  

But here’s the catch, when carbs are eliminated or minimized, ketones can only provide roughly 70% of the brain’s energy needs.

Remember, we are trying to create long-term sustainability, which means being more flexible when it comes to recommending foods. Accordingly, The Power Diet offers a smart range of macro consumption depending on your circumstances and allows you to cycle in and out of ketosis by increasing your carbs and opening your eating window a couple of days a week.  

This strategy has been used for hundreds of thousands of years by our ancestors and can go a long way in making The Power Diet more sustainable and enjoyable for you long-term.  

Think of it this way: our metabolically flexible ancestors, more often than not, experienced feast or famine. So when a big score was made (killed a deer or found a beehive) they indulged, cycled out of ketosis and stored up calories for the impending lean times ahead. 

Similarly, in modern times several factors could also warrant cycling out of ketosis, such as a birthday that features the most luscious banana cream pie with caramel infused chocolate or a night out on the town at a great Italian restaurant that features six cheese lasagna and garlic bread balls.  

As long as you stick to The Power Diet protocol, you won’t have to worry about indulging or celebrating from time to time. Just keep in mind, after you’ve been eating high-quality foods for a few months, when you do return to low quality, high sugar foods, you’re body will feel the effects as a power drain.  

To account for this and remain a happy eater, I’ll give you some cleansing options, as well as some healthy treat recommendations that satisfy both your taste buds and boost your power.  

While you can cycle off any day of the week, I recommend Saturday and Sunday, since these tend to be splurge days for most people. But again, The Power Diet is not a highly restrictive deprivation diet, which makes this completely optional. If you feel great and want to stick to your normal macro intake and frequency of eating, by all means, do.

In addition, there are some exceptions to the additional carb intake that could make this counterproductive. Notice if any of the following relate to you:  

  • I’m trying to lose weight 
  • I suffer from gut issues like leaky gut
  • I’m just starting out and am having trouble becoming fat adapted and metabolically flexible

If you fit into these categories I recommend not adding in extra calories and sticking to the lower range of carbohydrate recommendations (10-15% of total daily calories) until you can reach your ideal weight and rectify any health issues.   

Power Boosting Benefits of Ketosis

If for any reason you still feel apprehensive about reducing your carb and protein intake, again, don’t sweat it, because I’m going to arm you with some more firepower to stay on track.   

As you read the power boosting elements of ketosis below, instead of just reading them, imagine yourself enjoying the benefits and what that would mean for your life. 

In other words, how would this make you feel if you obtained these benefits, what would you do differently and how would that change your future for the better.  

In the personal development field, we call this “future pacing,” which effectively creates the future in advance and in the process helps you commit to taking the action necessary to make it happen. This is a powerful tool I use in all my mindset trainings including “The Winner’s Mindset,” which helps expedite changes like boosting your power and completely transforming your ability to step up and succeed in all areas of life.   

If you struggle with self-discipline and taking the action necessary to create major life transformation, I highly recommend you check out that program at:

Now let’s envision some crucial wins in your life.

interesting, right? Why not switch it up? If you’re looking for for more information about boosting your energy up and feeling better about your body, kindly check out “The Power Diet‘ by Chad Scott.

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