Building Self-Esteem and Motivation Through Music - A How To Guide
Building Self-Esteem and Motivation Through Music – A How To Guide

One of the things you need to remember in building self-esteem and motivation is that “Emotion Comes From Motion,” but since our goal is to increase capacity and confidence let’s add one powerful word – Music! 

Can you remember a time when you weren’t feeling so hot but you turned on some upbeat music and it instantly pulled you out of an uncertain, fearful or depressed state?  This is the power of music, it makes you feel high and confident!

If you’re ever feeling down, depressed or can’t seem to move your body, the cheapest, quickest way to change your emotional state and get the necessary motivation needed to take action is to turn on some uplifting music.  So whenever you lack motivation just remember this one:

“Emotion Comes From Music & Motion”

If you’re at all doubtful of the power of music, rest assured, it’s got plenty of studies which prove it’s ability to increase immunity, motivation and boost your confidence.

In one study Dennis Y. Hsu, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, found that bass-heavy music makes people more confident.  Specifically, after exposing 78 undergraduate students to music with prominent and subdued bass lines, Professor Hsu determined that students exposed to the bass heavy music felt more powerful, dominant, and determined than their easy-listening peers. 

Naturally, as a musician who writes music with bass heavy arrangements, this makes perfect sense to me.   It also reminds me of a time I went to see my brother compete in the World Championship Iron Man Competition in Kona Hawaii. 

This is one of the most grueling tests of physical endurance ever created, which consists of a 2.4 mile (3.86 km) open water swim in Kailua-Kona Bay followed by a 112 mile (180.25 km) bike ride across the hot Hawaiian lava desert, topped off with a life sapping 26 mile (42 km) run, which alone would kill most people.

If you’ve ever watched a battle scene like the clash of clans from the movie Braveheart, you probably noticed the pre-battle protocol to get everyone fired up and confident by pounding drums and blowing horns.   But their battle drums aren’t exactly bongos; no, these are deep bass drums and the horns sound like foghorns, which shake you from the core of your foundation. 

At the beginning of the Iron Man, a countdown ensued and the instant those bass drums started pounding and the horns started blowing, I felt as if a bolt of courage and confidence zapped me full of power, which gave me ten times more strength and prepared me to jump into battle.  And it all happened in an instant. 

But why does this music do this?  Many experts believe, as do I, that these experiences are embedded deep in our subconscious from generations of war and tribal ceremonies.  So when we hear those deep bass sounds, it elicits a predictable response. 

And while I do not recommend music for the conquest of humans, you can use it to get fired up and take action towards the conquest of your dreams and finding your buried treasure.

But again the title here is “Emotion Comes From Music and Motion,” so let’s step it up a notch by combining music with motion which will 10x your feel good chemicals and motivate you to take even more action. 

You can accomplish this by simply putting on some headphones and engaging in any form of exercise, movement or dance indoors or outdoors.

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