After teaching over 2,000 yoga classes I’ve come to an undeniable conclusion that the people who struggle the most are the people who breathe through their mouths.  Unsurprisingly, this conclusion is backed by several scientific studies including a study published in Neuroreport in 2013, which stated that: “Individuals who habitually breathe through the mouth are more likely than nasal breathers to have sleep disorders and attention deficit hyperactive disorder.”

According to the American Medical Student Association, all of the mechanisms that ensure a proper balance between the intake of oxygen and expulsion of carbon dioxide are in your nose. Mouth breathing creates a different type of breathing pattern that upsets this balance by decreasing oxygen intake and releasing carbon dioxide too quickly, while nose breathing promotes a deeper, slower breathing pattern that increases oxygen intake.

If you struggle with breathing through your nose I recommend trying the Buteyko breathing method.  To learn how to do it, Robert Litman, of The Breathable Body demonstrates in the video below:

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