Change The Results In Full Circle — Simple Yoga For Men

Based on my previous blog, we’ve talked about the multiple benefits of doing yoga. On today’s blog, we’ll be tackling the circle of results along with yoga, and see why it’s part of the simple yoga for men.

Question 1

  1. How did your old belief play out in a Circle of Results Model? In other words, what did you pretend to believe which when realized would make this disempowered belief go away forever?  

Below is an example of a Circle of Results Model, which answers question #1 using an example from above. As you read it take a note on how it does or does not apply to your own circumstances.

Circle of Results Model Example

B – I pretended to believe that Yoga was just for women and feminine men. I pretended to believe that I wasn’t limber so I couldn’t do it. In reality, deep down I knew that the only reason I wasn’t limber was because I wasn’t willing to do yoga. I also used to believe it was like a cultish religion so I avoided it. 

T – I thought, if I do yoga I’ll be looked at like I’m a wimp and I’ll just embarrass myself.

E – I feel anxious and doubtful.

A – I stay away from yoga and talk about it like it’s for ladies and wussies.

R – I remain inflexible with a lot of pain in my lower back. I’m judgmental and don’t try new things, which puts me on the couch with a lot of depression and helplessness.

Write down your “Old Belief” in a Circle of Results Model.

  1. What are the problems created by your old belief?

Describe the problems your old belief created – i.e., how much time was wasted, any bad habits you developed, how did you suffer, how did it make you feel?

For example: I used to waste countless hours on the couch binge watching sports and overeating pizza. I must have wasted 10 hours a week for 8 years, which could’ve been spent working on my dreams and building my dream business – a bike shop with specialty cruisers. I also gained a lot of weight and neglected to stretch, which limited my mobility and threw my back out regularly. I felt stuck so I didn’t take much new action.

Write Down The Problems Created by Your Old Belief

  1. What are the benefits of your problem?

If there were a benefit to having this problem what would it be? Is there something that your unconscious mind wants you to understand that if you understood it would make the problem disappear?

For example:  I realized that I was just scared of being judged and that I’d lose my friends. I realized I was playing a small game by not stepping up and taking care of myself. I realized that if I was ever going to feel really good about myself and live without regrets I needed to ditch some of the bad influences in my life. I came to understand that people who criticized others for doing yoga were really just insecure about themselves. I learned that failure from the past doesn’t mean failure in the future. This new perspective allowed me to step my game up, take action and start building myself with The Power Diet and the Fired Up program.  

Write Down The Benefits Of Your Problem

New Belief Change Declaration #1 – Yoga Is The Glue Of Life

Now its time to declare your new belief by writing it down in a Circle of Results Model and then focus on it daily. 

  1. How will your “New Belief” play out in a Circle of Results Model?


B – I believe the fear of embarrassment and rejection is just a story, an excuse to remain stuck. I also believe in myself without the need for approval from others. I believe yoga is essential for men and women to maintain spinal integrity get rid of stress and lower cortisol. I believe it makes me calm, less reactive and more confident. I believe without yoga my body starts to seize up and I start to age rapidly. I also believe yoga helps me meet interesting people who inspire me to expand and grow into my full potential… it is the glue of life.

T – I think if someone judges me, it’s really just a sign of insecurity. I think about how I can’t wait to stretch my stiff body, feel alive and pain free.  

E – I feel excited like I really found a solution I can always count on to feel good no matter what the situation.    

A – I read the Fired Up Manual and start doing the yoga video training. 

R – Within 30 days of starting the Fired Up program I start to see noticeable changes in my mind and body. I feel calmer, more relaxed and confident.  People start to ask: “What’s different about you?” They respect me more and want what I have. This gives me more confidence to take more action and pursue my passions. The extra energy and confidence gives me the courage to start that bike shop I’ve always wanted and I feel unstoppable.

Now write down a Circle of Results Model using your “New Belief”:

New Belief:  What do you declare as your new belief? Make sure you use Pain, Pleasure and Purpose as well as the Master Mindsets that feel most empowering to you.

Thought: Describe the thoughts you’ll have after you’ve embedded this new belief.

Emotion: Describe how you will feel once this new belief is part of your permanent mindset

Action: What have you been unwilling to do in order to keep this problem?  Describe the action you will take which will lead to a new habit.   

Result: How do you know for sure that your old belief is no longer a problem for you? Visualize your new outcome in detail – i.e., where will you be, who will be with you, any new habits created from the action, how will you feel?  

Take Action

Congratulations you’ve just created a new empowered belief about yoga.  

I mentioned this earlier in our first belief change but since repetition is the mother of all skill, I’ll repeat it again. 

In order to embed this belief deep into your subconscious and make it a more permanent part of your roots, you’ll need to repeat it to yourself daily for 90 days, which will create a long-term habit. 

What I recommend is you write your Circle of Results Model down in your smartphone on a notepad. 

Next, open your electronic calendar and write a reminder that repeats every day for the next 90 days. All you have to do is read the note when that reminder pops up, it’s really that simple.  

To make it even more effective, try to memorize it and repeat it out loud to yourself.  

Last but definitely not least, make absolutely sure you tell a friend or family member about your new belief and how you are committed to keeping it.  This is absolutely crucial as studies show telling others about a goal helps you stay accountable and committed to upholding that belief.

Take action on this and do not hesitate. Make the call!

Why don’t you take a breather and try it yourself? To learn more, I suggest checking out the Fired Up program here.

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