This course "Action is the Antidote" is part of a master training called "The Winner's Mindset" In this course, you'll learn how to turn procrastination into action and accelerate your progress by addressing the root of the problem - Your Beliefs!


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Chad Scott has been a personal development and high-performance coach for over 15 years helping thousands of people break through unthinkable barriers in health, wealth, high performance, and relationships.  Chad's philosophy for success is simple, tackle the root cause of the problem, take action, and be persistent.  If you simply take the recommended action in this course you will succeed - GUARANTEED!

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Introduction (Month 1-2)

The introduction module will explain how The Winner's Mindset Program works, how to make learning simple, and the tools you'll be using. To get the most out of the training, make sure you start with this and set yourself up for success.


Welcome To The Winner’s Mindset – The Ultimate Mindset Rewiring Program. To get the most out of this program and understand how this works make sure you listen to the introduction.

Tool #1 - Set a Goal to Complete This Training

Right now it’s time to create your first goal. If you want to succeed this is MANDATORY!

Tool #2 – The Circle of Results & Roots to Fruits Models

The Circle of Results Model is a master map, which reveals a five-part process by which all of your results are created from your beliefs and The Roots to Fruits Model explains where your beliefs come from.

Tool #3 - Breathe, Imagine, Look (BIL)

Breathe, Imagine, and look, when combined will be one of the most valuable tools you'll ever encounter. Make sure you practice and perfect the tools of BIL.

Tool #4 - Belief Change Declarations

Learn how to change your beliefs with 5 life-changing questions that redefine your actions and results.

Tool #5 - Master Mantras (MM)

Learn how change your beliefs by embedding a powerful mantra into your brain

Tool #6 - KEET - 3 Step Refocus - Amplified Breathing

Learn how to use Kinetic Energy Embedding Techniques (KEET) to prune and embed beliefs using 2 powerful tools, The 3-Step Refocus and Amplified Breathing

Bedrock Belief Changes 1-5 (Month 3-4)

In this module (Belief Changes 1-5), you'll learn how to change beliefs that function as the core bedrock of your belief system and determine whether or not you graduate and change other related beliefs. To change or learn more about these beliefs simply click the arrow button on the right.

Introduction To Bedrock Beliefs

This introduction will describe the importance of Bedrock Beliefs, which create the foundation of your life and build on all other beliefs.

New Belief Change #1 - Action Vs. Procrastination

Since all tools are useless without action and because action represents the bridge to new results you'll need to understand the easiest way to take action, so we'll start with this.

We've helped thousands of people just like you break through unthinkable buriers and create the life of their dreams.  For One on One coaching or more info on our trainings please visit us HERE

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