Learn how to download & embed the mindsets of over 250 Masters from Business, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Science, Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Spirituality and build endless reserves of confidence, courage, wisdom, health, wealth, and loving relationships.


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Chad Scott has been a personal development coach and financial consultant for over 15 years helping thousands of people breakthrough unthinkable barriers in health, wealth, and relationships.  Chad's philosophy for success is simple, tackle the root cause of the problem, take action and be persistent.  If you simply take the recommended action in this course you will succeed - GUARANTEED!

Before you get started make sure you WATCH THE INSTRUCTION VIDEO above Then Download the Companion Playbook & Goal Sheet Templates below:

Introduction (Week 1-2)

The introduction module will explain how The Winner's Mindset Program works, how to make learning simple, and the tools you'll be using. To get the most out of the training, make sure you start with this and set yourself up for success.


Welcome To The Winner’s Mindset – The Ultimate Mindset Rewiring Program. To get the most out of this program and understand how this works make sure you listen to the introduction.

Tool #1 - Set A Non-Negotiable Goal

Right now it’s time to create your first goal. If you want to succeed this is MANDATORY!

BONUS - How To Make Learning Simple

While action is obviously crucial to learning and creating new results the first distinction of the Winner’s Mindset is how to make action simple in order to ensure new results. After listening to this lesson you’ll have several hacks to increase your productivity so make sure you incorporate some of these immediately.

Tool #2 – The Circle of Results & Roots to Fruits Models

The Circle of Results Model is a master map, which reveals a five-part process by which all of your results are created from your beliefs and The Roots to Fruits Model explains where your beliefs come from.

Tool #3 - Breathe, Imagine, Look (BIL)

Breathe, Imagine, and look, when combined will be one of the most valuable tools you'll ever encounter. Make sure you practice and perfect the tools of BIL.

Tool #4 - Belief Change Declarations

Learn how to change your beliefs with 5 life-changing questions that redefine your actions and results.

Tool #5 - Master Mantras (MM)

Learn how change your beliefs by embedding a powerful mantra into your brain

Tool #6 - KEET - 3 Step Refocus - Amplified Breathing

Learn how to use Kinetic Energy Embedding Techniques (KEET) to prune and embed beliefs using 2 powerful tools, The 3-Step Refocus and Amplified Breathing

Morning Ritual - Meditation - Eliminate Distractions

Learn how to create the most important habit of your life, "Your Morning Ritual" which will set your day up for success, reprogram your mind for success, and make you feel really good!

Bedrock Belief Changes 1-5 (Week 3-4)

In this module (Belief Changes 1-5), you'll learn how to change beliefs that function as the core bedrock of your belief system and determine whether or not you graduate and change other related beliefs. To change or learn more about these beliefs simply click the arrow button on the right.

Introduction To Bedrock Beliefs

This introduction will describe the importance of Bedrock Beliefs, which create the foundation of your life and build on all other beliefs.

New Belief Change #1 - Action Vs. Procrastination

Since all tools are useless without action and because action represents the bridge to new results you'll need to understand the easiest way to take action, so we'll start with this.

New Belief Change #2 - Self Honesty

Without self-honesty it will be difficult to impossible to change anything in your life, so once you are ready to take action we'll start with this one.

New Belief Change #3 - Your Philosophy

learn how to change your core beliefs about why things happen and take charge of your life and your results

New Belief Change #4 - Work vs. Play (Work Life Balance)

learn how to change your beliefs about work and play to find better life balance, enjoy your work, perform at a higher level and get paid accordingly

New Belief Change #5 - Confidence vs Cowardice

learn how to eliminate fear and cowardice and boost your confidence to superhero status with some master mindsets from history

Bedrock Belief Changes 6-9 (Week 5-6)

In Module 3 (Belief Changes 6-9), you'll learn how to fortify your core belief system one step further and determine whether or not you graduate and change other related beliefs. To change or learn more about these beliefs simply click the arrow button on the right.

New Belief Change #6 - Complaining vs Gratitude

learn how to eliminate complaining from your life and feel grateful which will not only make you feel happy and joyous but attract amazing people into your life, live longer and prosper

New Belief Change #7 - Problems vs Solutions

learn how to change poison into medicine, and problems into opportunities as well as release trauma so nothing can hold you back from progress, achieving your goals, and feeling on top of the world!

New Belief Change #8 - The Comfort Zone Vs. The Land of the Unknown

learn how to step out of your comfort zone and do things you once thought were impossible

New Belief Change #9 - Jealousy Vs. Learning & Growing

Learn how to free yourself from the chains of jealousy and use it to become a high performer

Success, Money, and High-Performance Belief Changes 10-12 (Week 7-8)

In this module (belief changes 10-12), you'll learn how to change the critical beliefs that determine your successes or failures financially and professionally and whether or not you go the distance and win big. To change or learn about these beliefs simply click the arrow button on the right.

Set Goals for Success, Money, & High Performance

This introduction will describe the importance of Success, Money, & High Performance Belief Changes and help you set financial freedom goals that will expedite your acquisition of wealth.

New Belief Change #10 - Failure & Setbacks

Learn how to make failure and setbacks provide the fuel needed to breakthrough and succeed

New Belief Change #11 - Giving Up vs Persistence

Learn how to persist even in the face of the most adverse conditions and win big!

New Belief Change #12 - Success & Money

Learn how to master the game of money and become financially free

Love, Relationship, & Rejection Belief Changes 13-18 (Week 9-10)

In this module, (Belief Changes 13-18), you'll learn how to develop the most important beliefs of all. Once you learn how to really love yourself and develop rich loving relationships everything in your life will change including your health, your wealth, and your relationships. To change or learn about these beliefs simply click the arrow button on the right.

Set Goals for Love & Relationships

This introduction will describe the importance of Love, Relationship & Rejection Belief Changes and help you set goals to create a life overflowing with love and friendships.

New Belief Change #13 - Hatred & Resentment vs Love & Compassion

Learn how to free yourself from hatred and resentment, develop love and compassion and feel like no matter what happens you'll always be protected, safe and loved.

New Belief Change #14 - Relationship Love & Rejection

Learn how to eliminate the ill feelings of rejection and cultivate endless love in your life

New Belief Change #15 - Giving & Receiving

Learn how to balance giving and receiving and eliminate guilt while cultivating better relationships, more love and abundance in your life.

New Belief Change #16 - Self Love vs Self Sabotage

Learn how to replace self-sabotage with self-love, change your greatest weakness into your greatest strength, and feel whole, complete, infinitely loved, and empowered to make anything happen.

New Belief Change #17 - Criticism & Vulnerability

Learn how to use criticism and vulnerability to your advantage and perform at a much higher level with less stress and anxiety

New Belief Change #18 - Circle of influence Friends, Family, Associates

Learn how to build a circle of influence that lifts you to the greatest of heights

New Belief Change #19 - Circle of influence Media & Entertainment

Learn how to use media and entertainment to improve your mindset instead of destroying it.

Health & Happiness Belief Changes 20-21 (Week 11-12)

In this module (Belief Changes 20-21), you'll learn about the most important investment you can make, which is in yourself. Learn how to invest in your health and happiness and eliminate any sabotaging beliefs that prevent you from really breaking through and feeling alive and healthy by practicing this section to perfection. To change or learn more about these beliefs simply click the arrow button on the right.

Set Goals For Health, Healing & Happiness

Learn how to set goals for your health, healing, and happiness that keep you on track to heal and perform and your highest level while finding true fulfillment in life.

New Belief Change #20 - Health & Healing

Learn how to make your health your greatest wealth, heal from illness and injuries and feel youthful up to your last days

New Belief Change #21 - What Is Happiness?

Learn what happiness really is and how you can find true fulfillment by making each moment of your life enjoyable and exciting.

Putting It All Together

Now that you know what challenges you struggle with and how to use the tools to overcome them, in this lesson you'll learn how to use the Winner's Mindset in the future to keep winning without backsliding.

We've helped thousands of people just like you break through unthinkable buriers and create the life of their dreams.  For One on One coaching or more info on our trainings please visit us HERE

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