The Winners Mindset - Introduction (Week 1-2)

BONUS – How To Make Learning Simple

While action is obviously crucial to learning and creating new results the first distinction of the Winner’s Mindset is how to make action simple in order to ensure new results. After listening to this lesson you’ll have several hacks to increase your productivity so make sure you incorporate some of these immediately.


Tool #1 - Set A Non-Negotiable Goal

BONUS - How To Make Learning Simple

Tool #2 – The Circle of Results & Roots to Fruits Models

Tool #3 - Breathe, Imagine, Look (BIL)

Tool #4 - Belief Change Declarations

Tool #5 - Master Mantras (MM)

Tool #6 - KEET - 3 Step Refocus - Amplified Breathing

Morning Ritual - Meditation - Eliminate Distractions

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