Roots To Fruits - Part A

Roots To Fruits - Part B

Roots To Fruits - Part C

The Winners Mindset - Module 1 (Week 1-2) Introduction

The Roots & The Fruits of Your Beliefs

One of the best analogies for creating new results is a tree that bears fruit. As you can see from the diagram in your workbook there are four components in the roots to fruits model, which create the fruits of confidence.


Tool #1 - Set A Non-Negotiable Training Goal

How To Make Learning Simple

Tool #2 – The Circle of Results Model

The Roots & The Fruits of Your Beliefs

Tool #3 - Breathe, Imagine, Look (BIL)

Breathe Deep (Breathwork)

Imagine & Visualize (Worst Case Scenario / Highlight Reel)

Look At The Big Picture - Your Purpose

Tool #4 - Belief Change Declarations

Tool #5 - Master Mantras (MM)

Tool #6 - Kinetic Energy Embedding Techniques (KEET)

Pattern Interrupting Tools - (3 Step Refocus / Amplified Breathing)

Meditations - Breathwork - Eliminate Distractions

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