Wise Man Diasaku Ikeda says:  “Hope is born of difficult struggles. It comes from the courage and passion to spare no effort. too much tv will kill youPassiveness and inertia our enemies of hope. To live one’s life passively and from force of habit is to allow oneself to drift towards unhappiness.”

Every time I get lazy or just do something from the force of habit which doesn’t create much valueI like to read this quote. I’d say without out of a doubt the worst thing in the world that creates passiveness and inertia is television.  While there are some worthwhile programs and inspiring documentaries the majority of all television creates passiveness in anti-value.

Not only does television take you away from your dreams and desires which light your fire and keep you moving forward in this life, but a whole host of physical reactions are triggered, like the slowing down of your metabolism, the accumulation of fat and the turning off of your frontal lobe; the part of your brain that learns and grows.  Of course the effects of too much TV can range anywhere from diabetes, to cancer, to bad dreams to insomnia and lots of other not so nice things.

So when the world is run by the media, televisions and smart devices what is one to do to stay active and create as much value as possible in this lifetime?

First of all in regards to television, I think it’s important to take time for entertainment and relaxation so I give myself one hour per day about 5 days a week to do that.   A friend recently told me she has nightmares all the time and that watching violence on TV only makes it worse. This makes sense, you are what you eat and you think about what you listen to.  So if I watch Netflix or some other TV station I tend to Watch things that are inspiring in uplifting.  Recently I watched CT Fletcher on Netflix, a super inspiring story about sixth time World champion power lifter see T Fletcher. After watching I was inspired to push on in my own dreams and make them a reality quite the opposite a passiveness and inertia. So I think the challenge is really limiting yourself to the hours you watch and of course what you watch.

And secondly, there aren’t a whole lot of things that will get you more motivated then exercise. Life is like a spinning top, things spinningtopin motion tends to stay in motion, While things on the couch 10 do stay on the couch.  If you’re not already on a daily exercise routine, you will undoubtedly fall prey to passiveness and inertia. If this is you, try speedwalking for 30 minutes a day until you feel like you’re ready to do something more like addressing the rest of your body with yoga and weights and maybe some fun activities like biking, Hiking or surfing.

Please feel free to share your insight on how you battle passiveness and inertia.


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