Everyone deserves to celebrate from time to time. Perhaps it was your birthday or a holiday or you just worked a long week and you feel you deserve a brew or two, maybe even a puff of the green stuff.

But hey let’s be real here, you may just be a regular user and really enjoy the power of these substances to take the edge off and allow you to forget about your troubles.

Regardless of whether you use substances for recreational or regular use, the fact is that they all lead to various levels of sexual dysfunction and potentially erectile dysfunction. Turns out your soldier, like you, doesn’t stand too tall after a bottle of brew or a shot of whiskey. So is it necessary to go cold turkey or is there another way to get back to a full solute without such drastic actions?

This obviously depends on your personal circumstances. If the use of these substances has led to Sexual Desire Disorder, Sexual Arousal Disorder or Orgasm Disorder, or you just can’t seem to get a stiffy at the right time, yes you may in fact want to consider a slight overhaul of the machinery that runs you and your sexual systems.

To answer this question most accurately you’ll first need to read this article: Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction or Erectile Dissatisfaction? If you simply have erectile dissatisfaction then there are some brilliant strategies in “Man Up – The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures,” which will help you get your soldier to report back on duty.

On the other hand, if you have erectile dysfunction this could indeed be caused by alcohol abuse. In this case, you may be in the midst of a heated and passionate moment with your lady but your most trusted ally suddenly just wants to go to sleep. When your manhood is demoted this could in fact be one of the most embarrassing moments of your entire life.

But don’t worry because you’re not alone. In a poll of 2,000 men from the UK, 26% of respondents attributed their erection challenges to overconsumption of booze. 

Indeed, it turns out that alcohol is a natural depressant and if you’ve had too many drinks, chances are your big guy will be demoted to the little guy and prevent you from sliding old faithful into the tunnel of love.   

Unfortunately, men who chronically drink are more likely to experience symptoms of ED due to a consistent depression of their neurotransmitters and their nervous system. This has nothing at all to do with sexual drive, only their ability to act on it.[i]

Adding fuel to the fire, or perhaps more appropriately, ice to the fire, studies also show that even moderate consumption of alcohol significantly lowers levels of testosterone.[i]  Unfortunately, testosterone is a key hormone, which fires up your libido and contributes in large part to that rock hard erection you so desire. 

Accordingly, if you’re experiencing symptoms of ED you’ll need to take a serious look at your social habits and make sure you are not drinking as a distraction.  More often than not a simple shift in focus from distraction to something you really love to do like your passions can give you the motivation to stay on track.

While this may sound simple on paper, I won’t pretend for a minute that changing life habits and shedding limiting beliefs is a walk in the park. If you’re like most humans, you most likely been told you will not succeed, you won’t be loved and you’re not enough (smart, tall, attractive, etc.) three times for every one time you’ve been told you are awesome, you can learn new skills and pursue your passions full time.

If this at all sounds familiar, I encourage you to check out The Winner’s Mindset, a master training on embedding the beliefs of over 175 masters of time. Think about The Matrix movie where the main character was able to download skills and abilities. Similarly, The Winner’s Mindset helps you do this with an audio training where all you have to do is press the play button. To learn more just head over to The Winner’s Mindset.

If on the other hand, your soldier won’t stand tall due to erectile dissatisfaction, again, I highly recommend “Man Up – The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures.”

Remember, the most important investment you can make is in yourself. If you simply invest in solutions, you will grow, not only in the mental department but the physical power of your soldier will once again rise to solute her majesty.

For questions or comments feel free to respond to this post or contact us for one on one coaching here.


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