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Based on what we have talked about on my previous blog, we have tackled the different kinds of drinks that affects your immune system. On today’s blog, we will be having an in-depth analysis on energy, and how a good diet for energy can help you out when you’re feeling drained.

Megahertz Energy

When we talk about power, most people think about the power to influence people, run really fast, bench press 300 pounds or turn your lights on in your house. So when I tell people their food has power, they typically look perplexed and ask: “what do you mean?”

While this may be news to you, the amount of power contained in food, just like many other things in life, can be measured. Specifically, food can be measured in megahertz (MHz), a scientific measurement of the frequency and vibration of energy.

Similar to computers and electronic devices, our bodies require specific ranges of megahertz of energy to function properly and operate at their best. 

For example, cellular activity in your body requires an optimal range of approximately 60 – 70 megahertz of energy to function properly. It may be of no surprise then that research has shown cysts, diseases, infections and tumors typically occur when tissues are below 50 MHz of energy. 

What’s important to understand here is that megahertz levels can be found throughout your body, cells, glands, organs and nervous system and they begin to malfunction when you feed them with foods that provide less than 60 – 70 MHz. And once your body and its organs go below 60 MHz, your digestive, immune and nervous systems begins to slow down and reduce their proper functions, which in turn, drains power and leads to illness and disease. 


Adding more sunshine to the darkness of dead food is the fact that plant materials soak up and store photons (particles of light which carry energy) radiated by the sun, transforming them into “Biophotons,” a term coined in the 1970s by German scientist Fritz-Albert Popp. 

Popp followed up on the work of Russian scientist, Alexander Gurwitsch, who discovered that all living things emit photons within the ultraviolet range of the spectrum and concluded that DNA is a major source of these emissions.

By developing a device that could measure these very low-level light waves he discovered that the emissions from healthy people are significantly stronger than those from people who are ill. But even more impressive is what he found when he evaluated the biophotons in food. What he found was that organic foods gave off five times as much biophotonic energy as commercially grown foods and cooked or irradiated food emitted virtually no biophotons. And since biophotons possess the power to energize and heal those who consume them The Power Diet enthusiastically includes a healthy dose of raw organic foods.

What Foods Drain or Boost Power?

Predictably, with rare exceptions, the same Power Draining Foods mentioned earlier are also low on megahertz and the same Power Boosting Foods are high in megahertz. This is good news since you won’t have to memorize another list.  

That being said, it’s important to understand where some of these foods fall on the megahertz measurement scale. So let’s take a look at some examples.  

Just make sure you ask yourself what happened the last time you ate each one of these foods, not just from the immediate sugar rush but an hour or two down the road. Did you feel more or less energy?  

  • Refined Processed French fries, waffles, donuts, potato chips, candy, alcohol, white bread = 0 – 5 MHz
  • Cooked Meat = 2 – 10 MHz
  • Fresh herbs = 20 – 27 MHz
  • Green foods = 65 – 75 MHz
  • Green fresh/cold-pressed juice and spirulina = 170 MHz

More often than not, what you’ll experience after eating high megahertz foods combined with The Power Diet fats and proteins is a sustained boost of energy for two hours or more. In contrast, low megahertz low alkalinity foods will give a quick sugar rush then drop you off a cliff and send you to the couch within an hour or two.  

So if you’re feeling tired but you’re well rested and you’re not fighting an illness, there’s a really good chance you’re eating power draining low megahertz foods.

And while raw green foods provide the most megahertz power, shifting towards a 100% plant based diet may not work for everyone long-term. For this reason, I recommend focusing more on the ideal ratio of high and low megahertz foods that create an alkaline pH level and boost your overall power.  

Fortunately, this ratio is identical to our alkaline vs. acid balance. So again, all you need to remember is the following:

Eat 3 Alkaline Foods For Every 1 Acidic Food

Note: It’s important to understand that the more you cook meat and vegetables the lower the megahertz and the higher the acidity. In order to avoid the toxins and power drain of overcooking try steaming, low heat cooking or eating raw.

Recap of The Power Drains

It’s time to celebrate because you’ve reached the end of the quality components of food and it’s now time to move on to our second pillar – quantity. But before we do let’s recap what you’ve learned so far about the Power Drains so you remember what to eliminate and avoid in the future.

As mentioned earlier, this is highly significant, since your primary focus should be to remove the power draining foods and restore the delicate balance of your microbiome. If you can do this, your body will naturally restore itself back to full power and you can eat without worrying much about your weight or your energy levels.   

There you have it! But know that this doesn’t end here, if you’re looking for for more information about boosting your energy up and feeling better with a new diet, kindly check out “The Power Diet‘ by Chad Scott. ‘Till then!

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