It is with both great joy and sorrow that I will not be teaching at Indie Yoga anymore. Its indiebeen an incredible adventure. I’ve poured my heart , soul and sweat into that little studio and I’ve grown immensely from the experience but its time to move on to greater adventures ahead… see more below.  I just wanted to thank the hundreds of amazing students who transformed in front of my eyes and the teachers who I love dearly.

As I depart I’d like to leave you with 3 of the most profound lessons I’ve ever learned in my life:

  1. Never Give Up On Your Dreams – Pursue your passions no matter what, even if they don’t make money yet, if you are persistent, they one day will.  Even if someone spits on your dreams, puts them down or doesn’t believe in you, never give up on your dreams. They will bring happiness to your life that money can’t buy.
  2. Let Go Of Expectations and Expect Ingratitude – Never expect people to live up to your expectations, especially if you have high standards, as you will always be disappointed.  And more importantly, your expectations are “YOURS” they aren’t the other persons.  If someone doesn’t show appreciation for you and all you do, don’t be surprised.  This is quite common and again your own expectations.  Most people are dealing with their own insecurities and limitations and its rarely about you.  The minute you let go of expectations, you will be free from pain.  Try it.
  3. Give As Much Love As Possible – This one could be the toughest of all, because most people are under the illusion that love is a limited source that somehow will run out if you give it away.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you truly believe that we are infinite and connected to an infinite source (God, Jah, Alla, Buddha, etc.) then how can we run out of love?  Give and it will be given to you, if not right away sometime in the future.  This is one of lifes few guarantees!

Oh and how do you do all these things?
Good question, in fact if you asked, you are taking the first step, “seeking” improvement and aware that it can only make you more happy, fulfilled and enlightened.

The simple answer is “Self Reflection.”  The only way to progress is to take an honest look at yourself and notice if you are really living true to your greatest godly self.  I sit down every day at my altar twice a day and ask:  “Chad are you following your dreams, are you letting go of expectations and are you giving enough love?  If not I challenge myself and make a course correction.  It all begins with self honesty and looking deep at your limitations.  Fear is an illusion, look within and you will find unlimited power, love and compassion.

Sending love you,   Chad

P.S. please feel free to comment below or hit me up on Facebook for questions.  And if you’re interested in the next Chapter for Chad here is what I got cooking…

  • I’ve been recruited by an online yoga school to teach to thousands of people.
  • I’m launching a personal development & relationship coaching school online April 1st.
  • And I hope to launch Music Launch Pad by the end of 2015.  So stay tuned