Fight ED Naturally Through Yoga

In my previous blog I listed ways for your man to stand up tall again. Today, let’s dive into how yoga can help fight ED naturally.


Previously we talked about how important it is to reduce stress and high levels of cortisol in order to avoid “Dead Dick.” So if you’ve had any reservations about starting a yoga practice you may be encouraged to find out that it can not only reduce your stress and cortisol but also increase your testosterone levels! If you’re at all doubtful or feel yoga is just for women, you’re in for a big surprise my friend!

The practice of yoga dates back over 5000 years and is one of the oldest forms of exercise and breathwork known to mankind. More importantly, multiple studies have confirmed that yoga is indeed one of the most effective methods for reducing stress and anxiety. 

While this is really good news for us guys with loads of stress, further study conducted by Russian scientists in 2001 examined the effects of the Cobra pose on the hormone levels of seven healthy subjects and found some noteworthy discoveries.

In the experiment, researchers drew blood from a group of seven volunteers both before and after they did the Cobra pose. In their report, they determined that cortisol levels dropped in the volunteers by an average of 11% after holding the pose for 2-3 minutes while testosterone levels increased by an average of 16%, with one male subject experiencing a 33% increase and the lone female in the study experienced a whopping 55% increase.

This is obviously significant as increasing testosterone helps increase libido and lowering cortisol lowers your stress levels, both of which are crucial in getting the big guy to stand tall and salute her majesty.

But What If I’m Not Flexible?

Have you ever heard someone, perhaps even yourself say, “I’m not flexible I can’t do yoga?” This is like saying: “I’m not hydrated because I can’t drink water.”  

People are not inflexible because they’re just born that way.  In reality, babies and children are extremely flexible. The only reason people are inflexible is simply because they do not stretch or do yoga.  

Complicating the problem further is the fact that the longer you wait, the more inflexible you become and the more inflexible you become the less you can move. Eventually, if you do not stretch, over time, you may find yourself in some real pain that might not be reversible.  

For example, my Dad led a very sedentary life for a long time.  He, like most of us, spent a lot of time hunched over while driving, sitting on a couch and slouching over a computer. Eventually, without using counter postures like “Cobra,” as mentioned above, his spine fused together in a hunched position.  

So unless you want to look like the hunchback of Notre Dame, I suggest you open your mind, man up, expand your capacity and give yoga a shot.

Is Yoga Just For Ladies?

Another widespread misconception about yoga is that it’s just for ladies.  While in the West it’s practiced primarily by women, in India (it’s birthplace) the primary practitioners of yoga are men. And if we retrace its history, we find that its pioneers like Patanjali and Iyengar were all men.

The only real reason Western men are just starting to catch on to the incredible benefits of yoga is simply because of stigma. Most men fall prey to the illusion that if women do it, it’s probably too feminine, therefore, it can’t be good for men.  

Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth!

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 12 years and I’m still blown away by how few guys have caught onto the power of yoga. There’s a good reason why It’s practiced by media moguls like Russell Simons and Richard Branson, athletes like LeBron James and Ray Lewis, musicians like Sting and Adam Levine, actors like Robert Downey Jr. and people just like you and me – it works!

How It Works

Yoga actually means “union” of mind and body or “connection.” Essentially, by creating a regular practice, you’ll get the added benefit of developing more mind body awareness.  

In other words, you’ll start to understand and feel when that stress from your job or relationship starts to shorten your breath and create stress, which normally would have led to some form of illness, disease or DD. But once you are mindfully aware of these triggers you can use yoga to stop their poisonous effects.

Most people know yoga as a form of exercise using a set of postures or poses (aka asana) combined with movement, but this is just one component of yoga.  We aren’t going to go into a full technical description here, as there are literally hundreds of yoga concepts and schools beyond the scope of this book.

For now, just know that once you practice yoga regularly, you’ll start to train yourself to avoid the ravaging effects of cortisol and stress, while building testosterone. And not only does this translate into calm and confident in bed, but sleeping better, increasing your lifespan and ultimately… manning up!

Keep in mind, when you first take a class, you may not like the teacher. They may be inexperienced, too feminine or just not right for you. Sadly, without this knowledge, many people quit soon after their first class.  

So if you do choose to take classes at a studio, keep this in mind and keep searching and taking classes with different teachers until you find one that resonates with you.  

Alternatively, you can get started today by checking out my Fired Up program, which combines the ultimate synergy and power of Yoga, Strength Training and HIIT. Don’t delay on this one, I guarantee you’ll thank me one day!

Strength Training

As one of the most well known forms of exercise, strength training also boosts the Big T and builds Nitric Oxide while lowering cortisol and can make a huge difference in your sexual potency.

What It Is – Strength training is a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction, which builds strength, anaerobic endurance, and skeletal muscles. Resistance can be achieved through weights, resistance bands or body weight, so if the gym isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it because I’m also going to show you how to strength train at home with little to no equipment.

Strength training has been studied extensively and its benefits are one of the most well documented of all exercise methods. Benefits aside, if we just consider daily living, life is much easier and feels better when you’re stronger. This plays out every day in common scenarios like carrying your groceries, moving the furniture, carrying your luggage or picking up your gal and throwing her on the bed (sometimes they just like it rough!).

But perhaps even more important is the fact that when you strength train, a host of feel good chemicals like testosterone and serotonin kick in and give you more motivation and confidence to not only go big in the bed but in life.

Let’s check out five of the most power packed benefits of strength training so you understand how important it is to sexual potency and actually take action to make it happen.

  1. When maximum muscle volume is activated, strength training builds testosterone more than any other exercise. Clearly this is awesome since more testosterone equals better and more frequent erections, energy and cardiovascular health.    
  1. It helps you look good naked by burning fat and losing weight. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. So unlike traditional cardio, strength training causes you to continue burning more calories for up to 72 hours after the exercise through a process known as after burn. This, as you know by now, is a really good thing, since that extra fat you’re carrying kills your testosterone and your sexual power.
  2. Turns back the clock. One study showed that strength training in the elderly reversed oxidative stress and returned 179 genes to their youthful level. In other words, it genetically turned back the clock about 10 years.
  3. Builds a strong heart by increasing blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels. If you don’t already know, heart disease is the #1 cause of death for both men and women in the US and as we learned earlier it is also one of the main contributors to ED.

According to experts, strength training may be of particular benefit for those with heart disease, which was proven in one study when researchers compared the volume of blood being pumped into the heart from running versus leg presses. Leg presses won hands down. 

  1. Strength training also prevents diabetes by controlling blood sugar and managing energy levels so you don’t crash and burn.

Undoubtedly, the evidence is overwhelming. Strength Training, HIT and Yoga create the ultimate synergy of power boosting benefits, which not only make you stronger and more attractive but more alive, youthful, balanced, productive and… sexually potent!

This is exactly why I created the Fired Up program, which combines the synergy of Strength Training, HIIT and Yoga. Again, if you’re at all curious to see how it can help you safely, effectively and affordably implement these massive benefits into your life, just head over to my website and get a 50% discount on the Fired Up Video program at the following link:

Ultimately, our goal is to get your man up. To learn more about it, just check out Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures here.

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