When was the last time you spoke up against something you knew was wrong?  Can you remember?

I recently watched a video on the most massive cover-up by the military industrial complex in history called Unacknowledged with Dr. Stephen Grier.  The film is about the cover-up of alien presence on earth and how ridiculous it is that the government has gone to extreme lengths to cover it up, when there is ZERO evidence that aliens propose a threat.  In fact, the opposite is true, that the aliens who have visited are here to actually protect us from ourselves and potential mass extinction with nuclear weapons.  If you don’t believe me just watch the documentary.

The most interesting thing in the whole film was what Dr. Grier said about these people he spoke to who were high ranking officials in military and government who were all supposedly trying to solve the problem.  They were all super pussies!  Yeah, basically none of these people had the balls/ovaries or the confidence to stand up and stop this ridiculous cover-up that we pour roughly 50 billion dollars into every year, which we could be using to solve poverty and pollution.  Instead our world, (predominantly the USA) is overrun by fools, clearly evidenced in the guy at the top “Chump.”

For histories sake and for your own peace of mind, don’t be one of these jokers.  Learn how to be more confident and never take sh*t from anyone ever again with The Triad of Unbreakable Confidence.  Available in our store now.

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