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Workshop on July 20 & 21 - Can't Make it? Replay available until July 28


If you've ever set a goal or attempted to change something in your life, only to see it fizzle out, you're not alone.  Studies show most people fail at the same life changes 10 times over without success.

Here's a little secret: your brain's got a built-in alarm system, the amygdala, which is basically a professional worrywart. It's there to keep you safe, which is great for survival but not so much for making changes or achieving goals. Without some serious mental training to focus on what makes those dreams a reality, that alarm will be stuck on autorepeat blaring out stuff like: "Don’t do it, you’ll fail, don’t go, you’ll get rejected, or worse—you might even die of embarrassment!"


By using specific tools to stimulate your prefrontal cortex, the brain's decision-making, and goal-setting headquarters, you can override that fear and start making amazing things happen.  Ready to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary? Join Chad Scott, founder of the Breakthrough Coaching Method, in this free workshop, “Go for Gold.”

Workshop on July 20 & 21 - Can't Make it? Replay available until July 28

Day 1 - Saturday, July 20

(10 am PST /11 am MST /1 pm EST)

Eliminate Roadblocks

Failed in the past?  Wondering why things haven't worked out?  

Can you imagine what it would feel like to wield tools that give you the power to break through any challenge at any time, regardless of your age or circumstances, and really leap forward? 

To achieve this, first, you'll learn why making significant changes can be challenging and what holds you back. Then, you'll learn how to move on from the past, reshape your life story, and live the life you were meant to live. A life where you get to do what you love most, with excitement, meaning, and purpose.

The Guaranteed Goal Formula

Do you have an action plan that guarantees results?  

If not, you'll definitely appreciate the "Guaranteed Goal Formula."  This same formula is used by some of the greatest Gold Medal Olympians and it's backed by solid science.  With over 60,000 success stories, it's Guaranteed to help you do something you've never done before.   

You won't find this formula anywhere else, not Tony Robbins, Brooke Castillo, Brendan Burchard, or anyone.  Many attendees found this to be the missing piece, which finally helped them break through and win big in every area including wealth, health, love, and high performance. 

Day 2 - Sunday, July 21

(10 am PST /11 am MST /1 pm EST)

Action Tools Create Change

Do you ever feel stuck with no way out?  

Discover how to use some of the most simplistic yet effective tools that instantly bypass the critical filter of your conscious mind and alter your mental programming from "Playing Small" to "Going for Gold."

These tools, (inspired by Eastern & Western methodologies) go far beyond other CBT models and work on both your psychology and physiology at the same time to bring about immediate and long-term transformation.  And again, you won't find them anywhere else. 
(Check out a few of our success stories below).

95% Chance of Success

Do you ever wish you had a competitive advantage that guaranteed success?  

Learn how to crack the code once and for all with 3 keys that are scientifically shown to increase your chances of successfully reaching your goal by up to 95%.   I call this "The Renaissance Code" because it revives and fulfills any goal regardless of how long you've been pursuing it.  

When combined with the Guaranteed Goal Formula, these 3 keys will completely change the trajectory of your life and enable you to get that one thing you need most.   All you gotta do is show up and take action.


Why sit on the sidelines this summer watching others win when you can go for gold and create a major victory in your own life?   What would you like to upgrade or change?  Name it and we'll change it in this workshop.   The tools and system you're about to learn address and fix every problem or challenge, without exception!  And... you won't find it anywhere else, not Tony Robbins, Brooke Castillo, Brandon Burchard, or anyone else.  Click the "Save My Seat" button below and register - it's Free!  (PLEASE NOTE: Seats are limited to the first 300 Only) 

Learn how to break through and become financially independent
Overcome any relationship challenge, find love, and experience deep connections
Eliminate any roadblocks to optimal health and feel energized and attractive
Discover the secrets of hidden talent and drive and perform at the highest level of your career or hobby
Live the life you were put here on earth to live!

Workshop on July 20 & 21 - Can't Make it? Replay available until July 28

Why Is This Workshop Free? Our overall goal is to help elevate the consciousness of the people and serve the greater good of humanity. By offering free workshops that provide incredible value and produce real results, we invariably attract attendees who may be interested in more personalized coaching. The bottom line is this: Unless we provide exceptional free workshops that have a positive impact, we won't receive requests for personal coaching. All the responsibility is on us to deliver, and we do it gladly.


Through his distinguished publications, trainings, and The Breakthrough Coaching Program, Chad has successfully empowered over 60,000 individuals to overcome financial obstacles, elevate their health, remedy ailments, build loving relationships, amplify performance, and uncover genuine fulfillment in their lives.

With over 20 years of experience as a master life and mindset coach, yoga and breathwork instructor, and fitness and nutrition counselor, Chad possesses a wealth of wisdom and tools not found anywhere else.

Trailblazer in Holistic Personal Development

The wealth of wisdom and versatile toolkit, inspired by both Eastern and Western methodologies, has led to a coaching philosophy that addresses foundational issues of personal challenges at their core, ensuring lasting transformations. Grounded in physiological and psychological scientific principles, Chad's approach goes beyond superficial solutions and offers a transformative path to achieving dreams, goals, and wellness for individuals from all backgrounds. The unique tools exclusive to the Breakthrough Coaching program have helped thousands of people worldwide transform their lives, establishing Chad as a leader and trailblazer in holistic personal development.

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Workshop on July 20 & 21 - Can't Make it? Replay available until July 28

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