Ginkgo Biloba, which comes from the Chinese ginkgo tree, has been noted for its cerebral enhancing effects.  Interestingly, when it was being studied for memory enhancement and dementia, researchers were surprised to find that it actually increased blood flow to the penis and improved erections with an 84% success rate in treating antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction.

Intrigued with this result researchers followed up with a separate study, which found improvement in sexual function in 76 percent of the men who were on antidepressant medication.  Specifically, ginkgo had a positive effect on all 4 phases of the sexual response cycle: desire, excitement (erection and lubrication), orgasm, and resolution (afterglow).[i]

Clearly, ginkgo is effective for men who are experiencing ED due to medication yet some studies report no improvement or differences after taking ginkgo.

Further research at Loma Linda University School of Medicine in California have found that tiny amounts of St. John’s Wort, Echinacea purpurea, and ginkgo biloba “made the eggs impossible or difficult to fertilize, changed the genetic material in sperm, and reduced a sperm’s viability.”  The researchers pointed out that their laboratory work indicated only a potential risk and that people who did not exceed the recommended doses would not experience negative effects.[ii] 

So what conclusions can we draw from these studies?

Essentially, if you have “Erectile Dissatisfaction” as opposed to “Erectile Dysfunction” (as mentioned in Chapter 2) and you’re not trying to get someone pregnant, this could be an excellent solution for managing erections as opposed to a full-blown treatment or cure for ED.

Rock Star Rating

  1. Testosterone & Erection Boost                                  6                     
  2. Libido and Sexual Desire Boost                                6
  3. Lowers Cortisol                                                             5
  4. Fertility & Sperm Mobility                                              2
  5. Safe to Take (no diarrhea or jitters)                           9

Total:                                                                                      28

While scoring higher on the Rock Star Rating than horny goat weed and Muira Puama Giko Biloba falls short due to inconsistent results and lack of studies. For supplements for better erections check out the top 5 ingredients on the Rock Star Rating system here: Man Up Formula.




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