Great Brain Foods And The Three Pillars Of The Power Diet

In my previous post we’ve created awareness around the food you eat, which will start the experimentation phase of The Power Diet through great brain foods.

I believe eating should be simple without having to think a lot when preparing or ordering food.  And while food and nutrition are indeed a complex subject, which could be discussed and argued for eons, there are really three key things you need to remember when you buy your food and when you eat it. 

I call these “The Three Pillars,” due to the fact that when you combine them they support each other like a triangle, which forms one of the most unbreakable foundations in the universe. 

Similarly, when you take action to implement the three pillars of The Power Diet you too will have an unbreakable c from which to support, grow and sustain all of the activities of your life.  The three pillars are as follows:

  1. Quality – What it’s made of and where it comes from

  2. Quantity – How much you should eat

  3. Frequency – When you should eat

Pillar 1 Quality

I could’ve easily called this “What to eat,” but that would’ve distracted you from the most important aspect of what you eat, which is what it’s made of and where it comes from.   This is by far the largest and most involved of the three pillars so we’ll spend a good chunk our time here understanding what “Quality Food” is. 

If for instance, you eat non-organic fruits and vegetables grown in the United States, you are more than likely eating low quality food since it’s probably laced with glyphosate, a toxic substance found in the pesticide called Round Up, which according to the World Health Organization causes cancer. 

And where does glyphosate come from?

Well, that would be Monsanto, one of the most vilified companies on the planet, who has put hundreds of small farmers out of business and acquired hundreds of lawsuits in the process. 

Many of these lawsuits are directly related to the destructive and power-sapping effects of their toxic herbicide, Roundup, one of which resulted in a $2.05 billion judgment.

But don’t think for a second that the $2.5 billion award windfall didn’t come with a heavy price.  Recipients Alva and Albert Pilliod used Monsanto’s Roundup spray to keep weeds off their driveway for more than two decades and as a result, contracted Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) a potentially fatal cancer.

Of course, this is just one example of how food chemicals can steal your power and send you to the couch, or worse – the graveyard. 

Accordingly, in The Power Diet, we’ll be focusing on increasing the primary elements of food quality that power boost and eliminating the ones that drain your power.

If you’d like to dig in deeper into these three pillars and how to you can take action, I suggest checking out the most comprehensive and easy to use guide: “The Power Diet”  by Chad Scott.

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