Holistic Treatment for ED – Here’s The Best List of Root Problems to Fix

To give yourself the best opportunity at digging out the poisonous infected roots that are causing your ED problem, you’ll need to “Man Up” and be really self-honest here.

Self honesty is constantly the primary step in producing brand-new results, so go on and take a deep breath, unwind and open your mind as we dig out the source of your particular problem.

As we uncover each potential male crusher take note if any of them resonate with your individual circumstances and attempt not to skip ahead before you’ve recognized the root cause of your problem. Again, be sincere here as it could imply the difference in between life and death! This is not an exaggeration, so listen closely as we discuss holistic treatment for ED.


It may come as no surprise, but smoking can also have pervasive negative effects on your manpower.   Essentially, when you inhale nicotine it constricts blood vessels and in turn limits the flow of blood to your soldier.  So instead of sending him into battle, he’ll more than likely get throw into hibernation.

If you’re a habitual smoker (cigarettes or marijuana), you’ve most likely seen the limp dick cigarette cartoons and hopefully had some second thoughts about lighting up.  If you’re at all doubtful or confused on who to believe, let’s shed some scientific sun light on this issue and hopefully raise your soldier back to full salute. 

During a clinical animal study aimed at documenting the effects of nicotine on an erection, researchers found the negative effects of nicotine to be so detrimental that they negated the effects of using the PDE5 inhibitor Viagra. Other studies on humans showed that smoking was directly related to low sex drive.[i]

If that isn’t bad enough, studies also found 87% to 97% of male smokers have a lower than normal blood supply in their penis. 

So if quitting smoking or even moderating it to lower levels is a serious challenge for you, again, keep reading as we’ll handle this one in the remaining Chapters.

Surgical Complications

Surgical complications, particularly surgeries performed either directly on or around your soldier (spine or pelvic area), always carry a chance of limiting your ability to get an erection.

While I recommend first approaching this challenge with natural healing modalities, many of these cases will require additional surgery, which will be used to counteract the negative effects of previous surgery. 

If this is you, just make sure you’ve tried the root solutions before you give some doctor the go ahead to begin slicing and dicing you on the operation table.

Prescription Medication

One of life’s most vexing paradoxes occurs when we seek out remedies, which may temporarily fix one problem and create another.  In the case of ED, many prescription drugs actually create sexual dysfunction.

Many of the most common drugs such as Zoloft and Prozac depress your nervous system and similar to those blood thinning medications for hypertension, wreak havoc, making it difficult if not impossible to produce a functional erection. Even medicine used to help alleviate symptoms for the common cold, such as Sudafed, can have adverse effects on your soldier’s ability to report for duty.

If you’ve been taking a prescription medication for a long time, I highly recommend consulting your doctor or finding a new holistic doctor who can help you wean yourself off of these drugs. 

Fortunately, once you discover the underlying root cause of your challenge and begin to slowly remove obstructions to healthy blood flow, your symptoms will reverse and old faithful will rise again.   

Most importantly, according to one of the most reputable cardiologists in the world, Dr. Steven Gundry, if you continue to remove obstructions like medications and toxic food, you won’t need any prescription drugs ever again.  (Can I get a “Hell Yeah!”)

Injuries to Pelvic or Spinal Cord

Much like those surgical complications, which can arise from surgery to the pelvic or spinal cord; injuries to these areas can have similar effects.   For example, an injury to your pelvic region can cause vascular damage, which may lower blood flow and deflate your member from actively participating in that panty party.   

While an injury may be unavoidable, just know it could indeed be the cause of sexual impotence, in which case you’ll need to do all you can to heal up that injury.

This again brings us to our root challenge, which is your bodies’ natural ability to heal itself and produce enough blood flow to sustain an erection.   

As we dive a little deeper and ride the wave a little longer, we find some not so obvious underlying causes whose roots lie much deeper than just your physical body.  This brings us to Chapter 4 “The more you stress the less erect you shall be.”

There’s a lot more root causes that you need to address and these are only of the few. Make sure you’re attending to the root of the problem; otherwise, you’ll just be bailing water from a sinking ship. To do this I highly suggest reading Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures, which will reveal you how to fix your problem without having to pay hundreds if not countless dollars to a physician.

[i] Cigarette Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction: Focus on NO Bioavailability and ROS Generation  J Sex Med. Rita C. Tostes, PhD,* Fernando S. Carneiro, MSc,*† Anthony J. Lee, PhD,‡ Fernanda R.C. Giachini, MSc,*†Romulo Leite, PhD,† Yoichi Osawa, PhD,‡ and R. Clinton Webb, PhD‡  2008 Mar 4. doi: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2008.00804.x

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