In my own practice, I have benefited from the power of chanting a mantra, because it keeps me focused and prevents me from losing concentration. By far, my favorite mantra is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Why? Because it feels like throwing out a 1,000-pound anchor in a sea of confusion and hitting the bottom instantly. At that point, I feel anchored, stable, confident and can access all the power and answers to life’s most puzzling questions.

For me, this mantra just rolls off the tongue, but you’ll have to test it out for yourself and see how it resonates with you. Again, many people who find it hard to focus in silent meditation do really well with this active form of meditation.

Created by Nichiren Daishonin, a 13th Century Japanese Monk, this mantra is the Japanese translation of the original “Lotus Sutra” the Historical Buddha “Shakyamuni Buddha’s” highest teaching. As described previously, Nichiren, like Jesus, Shakyamuni, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi was a wanted man for spreading truth and had several attempts on his life, but his legacy lives on in this mantra, which is chanted by millions of people worldwide.

Translation: Nam, as in the first part of the Indian word Namaste is devotion or bow in reverence. Myo is mystic as in the “unseen power” and its latent effect and Ho is physical as in the seen or physical effects we see from a cause. Renge is the Lotus Flower, which is rare because it blooms and seeds at the same time, which represents the simultaneity of cause and effect as explained earlier. And finally Kyo, which has various translations, but in this case, it’s both sound vibration and the Buddha’s teaching.

So in essence when we chant we create a vibration which is profoundly significant since it is the law (cause and effect) by which all other laws are governed and taught by the original Buddha some 3,000 years ago.

In other words, when we chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo by saying it repeatedly, we are saying “I believe in cause and effect and I am the captain of my destiny. By chanting this phrase I can access all the answers I need.”

Effect: This mantra when chanted with sincerity is meant to unlock your inherent Buddhahood (infinite confidence, courage, wisdom & compassion) and gain the ability to perceive the true nature of all phenomena. This sound vibration adds a completely different element from silent meditation as science has now shown that everything vibrates at a certain frequency and those frequencies have different effects.

While some will debate, hopefully by now you’re beginning to see that cause and effect is the law by which all other laws are governed and accordingly, the frequency of its vibration while chanting it is indeed powerful and can help you to access all points in space and time. Yes, to transcend space and time. Ok, if you’re still tripping on any of this, take a deep breath.

Remember, we’ve already talked about how each cause has a latent effect that is unseen and may come back at a later time, which means you are transcending time. And we’ve already talked about how science has proven that you can transcend geographic location and effect things with your thoughts and their accompanying vibration. At this point, it’s time to dispel any remaining doubts by simply trying it out and seeing for yourself if it resonates with you.

How to do it: There is an organization of practitioners where you can find others to chant with and get guidance from.  While this is not mandatory and many practice on their own, if this mantra resonates with you, check out the Value Creating Society (SGI) Here.

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