If you are wondering how to get rid of fear this gives us an indication of where to look. If love is the opposite of fear then we need to look into love a little deeper.

Love can be for many things including your family, friends or your pets, but in this case, the most important love is self-love. Self-love is being able to look in the mirror and say I love you and have it resonate comfortably. Now, this isn’t some easy task, in fact, most of my clients have a major challenge doing this, it’s their Achilles’ heel. The problem is, loving yourself is a process, which takes years of practice with the right tools and strategies, which are taught in my Triad of Confidence program.

One of the other areas we can look to when speaking of love is your love for others. When you see someone in society who is suffering do you have compassion for them? And when you see someone who is succeeding in society do you resent them?

By resenting someone who is successful we can see a reflection of our own belief about ourselves. Which again is a lack of self-love. If we relate this to fear we can see that the fear comes from your belief created somewhere in your past that you are not good enough. While this may have come from poor parental conditioning, at some point when our parents are no longer an influence in our lives, we will either choose to recondition this belief or allow society to impose its negative conditioning and reinforce this disempowering belief.

One of the simplest exercises you can possibly do to get rid of fear is to simply think about the worst-case scenario in a situation where you’re feeling fearful. So for instance if you are going to a job interview or if your man and you are trying to approach a beautiful woman you can simply imagine the worst case scenario prior to taking action.

So in the job interview scenario, the worst-case scenario might be that they simply say: “No sorry you’re not qualified.” This obviously means that you’re going to live another day and it won’t be a big deal. So if you can imagine this before you go into the interview, chances are you’ll have much more confidence.

The same thing applies to the dating situation. If you imagine that the worst thing a woman will say to you is sorry I got to leave or maybe she just looks away, then if you imagine this prior to approaching you’ll already have known she was going to do it and it won’t even phase you.

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