How To Improve Male Hormones Through The Triad of Superhuman Strength

In my last blog post we’ve explained that both HIIT and Strength Training have been proven to maximize levels of these critical superhuman hormones. Now, we’ll further learn how to improve male hormones.

Synergy Of 3 Provides Anaerobic & Aerobic Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of combining these three disciplines lies in the fact that they address the two main categories of exercise – aerobic and anaerobic. Let’s explore both aerobic and anaerobic systems briefly so you have a better understanding of why this is so important.

Aerobic is defined as: 

“Involving or improving oxygen consumption by the body”

In other words, aerobic exercise enhances respiratory and circulatory efficiency by improving oxygen consumption. Aerobic movements require oxygen to generate force and activate slow-twitch muscles for activity over sustained periods of time (typically several minutes). Most experts believe constant movement of 8 minutes or more qualifies as aerobic exercise.  

Some good examples of aerobic exercise would include methods that do not alternate pace much like jogging, swimming, cycling, and aerobic gym classes. Surprisingly, according to several studies, if done with enough intensity, yoga can also be considered aerobic.

In contrast, anaerobic means:

“Without oxygen (does not require oxygen to generate force)”

Anaerobic movements activate fast-twitch muscles for short bursts of intense activity for short durations of time (from a few seconds to a minute). Some good examples of anaerobic exercises include anything that pushes your heart rate close to its maximum for a few seconds to a minute. This could be anything from high intensity weight lifting, calisthenics, swimming, cycling or sprinting, depending on whether or not you create intervals and vary the pace. And again, depending on the program, yoga can once again be considered anaerobic.

Clearly, there are many ways to do both Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise.  The question is: how can we get the benefits of both without having to over tax our bodies or switch from one discipline to the next in the same workout?

For many years people believed a significant increase in fitness could only be achieved through endurance training until a study in 2008 proved this false. Essentially, researchers demonstrated scientifically that a HIIT program consisting of four to six 30-second maximal cycling sprints, followed by 4.5 minute recovery bouts, three days per week provided similar increases in levels of oxidative enzymes as those who performed 40 – 60 minutes of steady cycling at 65% VO2max five days per week.  

In summary, the study proved that 6 – 9 minutes of HIIT per week created the same benefits of aerobic exercise for 200 – 300 minutes per week. This was a major discovery and turned the fitness world on its head.   

Since this and other studies clearly demonstrate the possibility for activation of aerobic and anaerobic systems in one exercise we’ll be taking advantage of this by incorporating several different variations of Strength Training, Yoga and HIIT.  

And while diet and sleep are also major factors for optimal health (which we’ll talk about later), these three disciplines form an unmatched synergy, which creates The Triad of Superhuman Strength.  

My Promise To You

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