How To Improve Your Testosterone Levels Naturally The Destination Is Your Goal

In my last post we’ve identified the 3 types of overkill. Now, we’ll be discussing how to improve your testosterone levels naturally. Always remember to follow the training manual and honor yourself whatever level you’re at. 

The Destination – Your Goal

This brings us to the “where you want to go” part of the treasure map, which is the goal of this training.  But before we identify that place let’s first get clear about what this training is not.

  • The goal of this training is not to make you look like a bodybuilder who can neither touch their toes nor maneuver around obstacles because they have limited their range of motion from a disproportionate amount of muscle. 
  • The goal of this training is not to make you so fit you can run 100 miles or do 60 minutes of high intensity interval training while creating more injuries and reducing your life span.
  • The goal of this training is not to make you shrivel up into a bendy pretzel so you can put your foot behind your head or do a handstand. 
  • Most importantly, the goal is this training is not to become fit at the expense of optimal health.

With that out of the way let’s now get clear on what this training is.  Our overall goal is to develop optimal health, which does the following:

  • Makes you feel alive with youthful energy.
  • Makes you strong and powerful, physically and mentally.
  • Creates flexible muscles across your entire body, which makes you more mobile, nimble, agile and less vulnerable to injuries.
  • Optimizes your mental capacity so you can withstand the onslaught of stress presented by your environment, which in turn increases your lifespan.
  • Allows you to shed unnecessary body fat and feel confident about yourself because you’re at your ideal body weight.  Ideal body weight, in turn, boosts your immune system and allows you to crush illnesses like the corona virus. 
  • Gives you a constant source of pure energy that makes you maximally productive so you can get way more done in much less time.

Why Listen To Me?

If you’re not familiar with my books or trainings you may be asking yourself, “Why should I listen to you?”

Personally, I’ve spent most of my life studying and practicing different athletic disciplines, which also brought with them a plethora of injuries, healing modalities, therapists, coaches and accompanying lessons. 

My first dream was to play in the NFL, but that dream was crushed.   Literally, in my second year as a wide receiver at San Diego State University, I jumped up to catch a pass and was blindsided by a 260-pound Samoan linebacker who crushed my sternal clavicular joint with his helmet and ended my football career. 

Originally having grown up in the Colorado Rockies, my next dream was to be a professional mogul skier, but that dream was torn apart.   Literally, in my third year of college, I skipped school to go on a ski trip and at the end of the day over rotated on a 360 aerial maneuver.  When my body landed it continued to rotate but the ski, which was attached to my leg, did not, which tore my MCL, ACL and meniscus in my left knee. 

But sports was my passion and even though I would never fully recover from that knee injury, I somehow convinced myself I could snowboard my way to the podium since this sport didn’t have the lateral risks associated with my injury.  As you can imagine from the way this story is going, it didn’t end well.  

After launching myself off a ramp I landed on my shoulder, which sent me back to the operating table to sew up a torn rotator cuff with a few metal pins to add to my collection of battle scars. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on your belief system), I had one last run in with the ER (emergency room) when I attempted to break the record for time to run up and down Cowls Mountain in San Diego. 

Can you guess what happened?

Yep…  this also ended in major trauma!  

Turns out the trail was lined with slippery gravel and about half way down I found myself heading face first into the ground without any feet underneath me.   My natural instinct was to put my arm out and brace for impact but since I had been traveling at breakneck speed (pun intended), when my arm hit the ground the force of gravity broke the head of my humorous clean of my arm. 

Basically, my arm was dangling from my shoulder, being held together by little more than ligaments, tendons and skin.    

Fortunately, (again, depending on your belief system) all trauma holds within it an opportunity for learning, growth, development and change.  For me, there were two giant life lessons from these traumas that catapulted me forward to my true calling in life.

First and foremost, my path was not to be a professional athlete.  All signs pointed in the direction of creation and contribution, which led me to music and personal development, my passion and mission, respectively.

Second, all this trauma forced me to learn about healing, rebuilding and strengthening without succumbing to my new handicaps – a permanently jacked up knee, clavicle joint and shoulder.   By this time I had seen more physical therapists, trainers and doctors than one could realistically expect to see in several lifetimes. 

Over the last 25 years these experts and therapists along with my own investigation and training exposed me to the most advanced tools and techniques for building health and fitness in ways I never imagined.

What I discovered was three powerful disciplines that when combined created a synergistic effect unrivaled by anything I’d ever experienced before.  This, of course, was the combination of Yoga, HIIT and Strength Training. 

By combining these three disciplines along with a specific diet called “The Power Diet,” my health improved from lackluster in my 20’s and 30’s to robust and vibrant in my 40’s and beyond. 

Now I don’t get sick or injured as often, I feel energized throughout the day and I’m productive all the way until bedtime.  My mind is clear and answers come to me quickly.  My testosterone levels are as high as they were in my 30’s and my libido is noticeably more potent since I implemented these programs.

So get excited, because if you simply follow the recommended action in this program you too will be able to build unlimited power and feel like a superhuman.

To learn more about the recommended action to follow and get Fired Up, check out the video course here:

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