Ever felt like you were attacked for standing up for something you believed in?  Then after people attacked you, perhaps you backed down just because you feared people wouldn’t like you?

Interestingly, most of the time people attack you in these circumstances its because they feel guilty about something.  Perhaps you’ve unmasked them and they feel really vulnerable.  Like the world can see their ugliness, their imperfections and they really don’t like it.  Most will just avoid you, but there will always be a hater who will attack you and try to assassinate your character.

For example, I teach yoga and an old chum from high school tried to assassinate my character through a comment on a post saying something to the effect of:  “You’re a fake, yoga is a joke.”  And of course, there’s the post I ran about beautiful women having a tendency to be selfish, which brought out some haters.

If you aren’t upholding The truth in your heart and nearly staying neutral, yes you may avoid an attack, but rarely if ever will you be taken seriously and you’ll also lack diehard followers, fans, and friends.  These are the neutral people who try to please everyone but never end up winning over anyone.  But when you speak the truth, sometimes it just hurts and haters will come out of the woodwork to try and poke holes in your story and your beliefs.    Typically these people are really unhappy with themselves.  Why else would they spend their time trying to dispute something unless it’s just totally perverse and untruthful?

If you encounter a hater, don’t even blink, instead celebrate and continue upholding the truth. Sure, a few may hate you, but over time as the truth is revealed (and it always is) the majority of people will see you as the victor who didn’t bow under social pressure but stuck to their beliefs and they will love you for standing up for the truth.

Remember, Gandhi, Socrates and JFK, these guys had plenty of haters and they were all assassinated; well, Socrates was forced to drink poison, close enough for me. While these examples are extreme, no one is going to assassinate you, unless you’re threatening the powers of the world.  No, our haters will just throw out a few insulting words at best and next time you can bat them away like flies on a warm summer day.
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