Managing Stress And Natural Ways To Beat ED

Beyond the surface of physical challenges lies a strange and powerful world of wonder where something as simple as a thought can either lift your soldier to a full solute or send him into hibernation never to rise again.

And in the UK, according to a study from Atomik research who polled 2,000 men for Co-op Pharmacy, nearly half (43%) of men aged 18-60 across the UK are suffering from impotence. Turns out 40% of them blamed stress for their sexual dysfunction. 

Stress is indeed one of the most toxic roots that cause ED.  But fortunately, we have tools to dig out and eliminate that stress, so pay close attention here, as this could be a game changer for you regardless of your circumstances. 

How Do Boners Become Boners?

If you were to look at the underlying process of getting an erection, you would see something like this:  Blood rushes in and is sucked up by sponge-like bodies engorging your soldier until he can stand up tall. (Hopefully like the Rock of Gibraltar)  

This process happens as a result of sexual arousal when signals are transmitted from your brain to the sensitive nerves in your shaft.

Essentially, being able to get an erection is, in large part, the physical capability of your body’s systems to function the way nature intended, i.e. when you’re aroused your soldier solutes her majesty. 

Sadly, if your mind is not functioning hand in hand with this natural process, your soldier won’t solute her majesty and she’ll most likely be disappointed.

Personally, I can recall a prolonged period of time struggling with my sex life when I was overrun by financial stress I endured as a struggling musician and entrepreneur.   I couldn’t pay the rent, I was scraping up change to pay for gas, my dreams were slipping further away and all this stress began to pile up until…

I Got “Dead Dick” (That’s DD for short)

Though I didn’t fully understand it at the time, the emotional stress I was experiencing was a contributing factor to my inability to man up.

Naturally, after a brief moment of denial, I assumed that my incident was due to aging and lower testosterone.  However, as I began to think back to the night of my first occurrence of DD I realized that it wasn’t just my physical self, but the mental stress, which had drained me of valuable energy and distracted my thoughts away from arousal and onto problems.

When my girlfriend at the time approached me with the opportunity of a quick roll in the hay, I listened to that small voice in the back of my head saying, “Do what is expected of you” and disregarded the turmoil that was affecting me. 

What I did not acknowledge was the fact that I wasn’t all in emotionally but instead just went along with what was expected of me.  As you can imagine, things didn’t turn out so good. 

I couldn’t get aroused and when my soldier wouldn’t report for duty I found both my girlfriend and myself in shock.  The resulting disappointment sent me into depression as I wallowed in my failure as a man to please my woman.

Thankfully, I rode the wave and instead of numbing my pain with a bunch of unhealthy distractions I dove into an ocean of research and self-reflection.  What I realized was that as we get older, our burdens, whether they be finance, health or relationship issues, become more difficult for our minds and our bodies to bear.  We can no longer just push this stuff to the back of our minds and move on like we did when we were younger.  

Once you push into your 30’s, 40’s and beyond the resiliency we once had slows down and new wisdom, tools and strategies are required.   Once you grasp this solid dose of reality, there really is nowhere to turn other than to face the truth, man up, expand your capacity and manage your stress. 

There’s a lot more root causes that you need to address and stress is just one of the few. To learn more about other natural ways to beat ED, I highly suggest reading Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures, which will reveal you how to fix your problem without having to pay hundreds if not countless dollars to a physician.

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