Based on what we have talked about on my previous blog, we’ve tackled the power of communication between partners, and how it spices things up when it comes to getting frisky with your special someone. On today’s post, we’ll be talking about the other factors on the natural ways to overcome ED.


Get excited because this is what you’ve been waiting for – Team Sex!

This is a great opportunity to fortify the team and win your first sexathon by asking each other some really important questions. Go ahead and read one question at a time to your partner then let them ask you the same question. Try not to interrupt and encourage them not to hold back.  

When do you like to have sex most?

Where are your most erotic zones?

What kind of foreplay really turns you on?

Side Note: This is addressed to the whiny kid in the back of your head who wants instant gratification!  

While you may want to dive in pole first and start plowing into the depths of her velvet tunnel within five seconds, don’t think for a second, women don’t appreciate foreplay. Yes, an occasional quickie keeps things interesting but for the most part, she’ll want some warm up time.  

So again, silence that little voice – man up and give her some good loving!  Now let’s move on to a couple more really important questions you need to ask your partner like:

What positions do you like most?

What sequences of positions do you like most?

Side Note: Speaking of positions and sequences… remember yoga from earlier?  If you still haven’t expanded your capacity in this area, you may want to reconsider, as a regular practice will open up a whole new variety of sexual possibilities, postures, and sequences you never even imagined.  This takes team sex to a whole new level – Man Up!

Team Sex Strategies 

Once you’ve gotten her sufficiently aroused (hopefully dripping wet) I recommend one of the two following approaches, which can be combined if all else fails to erect your soldier.  

Option 1) The Magic Jackhammer 

In this first option, The Magic Jackhammer, we’ll be using the science of erection and the power of construction to boost a boner that will go the distance. Since we know that blood flow is key to ensuring a steel pipe, we simply need a method that creates enough velocity to engorge your member with enough blood sufficient for penetration. Assuming you’ve handled the roots of ED challenges, I’ve create a full proof formula for achieving this goal which works as follows:

More Velocity = More Blood Flow = More Stiffness

The Magic of Lubrication

To get sufficient velocity and break through we’ll use the power of the jackhammer in construction as an analogy. While perhaps maintaining a reputation as a nuisance, this handy tool generates enough force and frequency to break through seemingly indestructible concrete.  

Similarly, in this first option, you’ll need to ask your partner to give you head or stroke your soldier aggressively with enough force and frequency to sufficiently increase blood flow. While not mandatory, I highly recommend some form of lubricant in order to avoid injuring your most valuable player (MVP). This could be saliva, but she’ll need a lot of it in order to mimic the wetness of her vagina.  

This is super important because the more aggressive they are (without hurting you) the more blood flow will engorge your sword to become a full-fledged steel pipe. And in order to gain enough velocity and make this happen, lubrication is absolutely essential.

Obviously, if she’s giving you a hummer, the lubrication will be saliva or edible oil (coconut oil works well) but if she’s waxing your sword with her hand you’ll need to invest around $8 and get some organic lube. Here’s an all-natural solution I recommend you get on Amazon: “Lube Life.” 

Using Music To Create Optimal Motion

The magic of motion doesn’t just stop with your partner giving you the dripping wet jackhammer. To get her up to proper velocity and better ensure a steel pipe erection sufficient for penetration we’ll employ the use of another trusty tool – music!

While the rate at which she strokes or blows your magic wand may vary and I encourage experimentation, to get to full engorgement of your soldier you’ll need to push up in the range of roughly 140BPM or more (that’s beats per minute in music terminology).  

Although you can imagine this velocity, to make it simple I recommend turning on some music that reflects this tempo. Here are some examples of songs above 140BPM:

  • You and I (Deadmau5 Remix) – 140BPM by Medina Valbek 
  • Do or Die – 145 BPM by Flux Pavilion & Childish Gambino
  • Can’t Hold Us – 148 BPM by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Ray Dalton
  • All I Do Is Win – 150 BPM by DJ Khaled, T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross 

Hopefully, by now, you’re getting excited just thinking about her doing the wet wild jackhammer on your steel pipe to some Deadmau5. But let’s slow down for a second here because you’re going to need to educate your partner since she most likely doesn’t have much if any, experience with this strategy. So remember:

You must speak up and ask for what you want!

For example, you can tell her something like: 

“Be aggressive and really go for it,
the faster you go the more it turns me on.”

Then follow that up with something like: 

“Just think about Wet and Wild, the more wet,
the more wild, so make sure it’s really wet.”

Once you’ve spoken up, its time to break out the lube so make sure it’s close by.

Curious and wanting to know more? I highly suggest dropping by and checking Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures here.

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