Natural Ways To Prevent ED: How Much Can I Eat?

In my last blog post, I’ve introduced the first mindbody agent that helps reduce stress and build more sexual potency. Let’s continue this to identify natural ways to prevent ED and help keep your man up.

In all honesty, I love food and I look forward to all my meals, but I’ve learned there are limits, which can either make your life a living hell or an energizing adventure.

When I was in college playing football the goal was to eat as much as possible to become as big as possible. And when I got out of college the goal was to eat whenever food presented itself, which almost always made me sick.  

As a result, I struggled with leaky gut for a good 10 years until I finally figured out that not only was I eating the wrong foods but I was eating way too much which made me slow and lethargic.

A big part of the problem with food is that most people operate on a scarcity mindset; they believe that food is scarce and they need to eat as much as they can. While this may have been relevant in caveman days when we went without food for a few days, today (at least in Developed Nations) this simply isn’t the case.  

Food is everywhere you look – in vending machines, at work, at fast food joints, in your car, in the movie theatre, and just about everywhere you can think of.

We are not living in a time of food scarcity; we are living in a time of food gluttony! Accordingly, the biggest challenge is not in getting enough, but taming the beast that always wants more.   

Remember that little whinny kid in the back of your head always screaming for more?  He needs to be silenced!  

So How Much Should I Eat?

In regards to proportions, it’s important to only eat enough to fill up 80-90% of your maximum capacity. But why is this important?  

Don’t Flood The Tank

If you think about what happens when you flood the gas tank of your car it’s very similar to overeating.

Prior to fuel injection technology, mechanics would advise: “Don’t flood the tank” because it makes ignition difficult to impossible.

Your body is very similar. Eating too much is like activating the kill switch, which turns off your ability to not only walk and talk but to get erect. To make sure you don’t overeat and kill the ignition switch, here are a couple simple but powerful strategies:

  1. Eat more slowly, as if each bite was your last bite of food on earth – make sure you savor every morsel. This is important because it takes time for the signals of the hormone “Leptin” (Leptin tells you that you are full) to reach your brain.  

    By eating slowly you give your hormonal communication system a chance to actually do its job in maintaining balance and order. But if you just shove food down like you’re competing with a pack of wolves, chances are you’ll overeat every time and regret it.
  2. When you first hear that “I’m getting full” voice, stop and leave some room for digestion to occur. By staying just a little hungry, your body will operate much more efficiently and the blood to your big guy will flow more freely.   

If you’re still not convinced eating less and losing weight is important to your overall health and your sexual performance, just know this: Not only does extra weight make you feel bad on the inside and take the magic out of your wand, but it also makes you feel worse about your physical appearance. 

I don’t know anyone who wants to appear overweight, wear oversized clothes and deal with the constant shame and embarrassment. This just piles more stress and depression on top of the already existing low energy and low testosterone from carrying extra weight. So remember:  

Stop Eating When You Reach 80-90% Of Capacity

What if I’m Not Overweight?

If you’re not overweight and your soldier still won’t stand tall, you may experience other side effects of testosterone deficiency. Below is a list of some of the more common Big T blowouts. As you read them notice if any may be a challenge for you.

  • Loss of Body Hair
  • Loss of Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Weak Bones
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Hot Flashes
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Erectile Dysfunction (duh)
  • Low Semen Volume
  • Fatigue

Because of the simple fact that you’re reading this book right now, I’d be willing to wager that you, like most men who struggle with erection challenges, are low on the Big T, which is why I’ve labeled it “Secret Agent #1.”

And while lack of testosterone is a widely known contributor to Erection Dysfunction, Erection Dissatisfaction and Impotence, what most people don’t know is that there are natural ways to enhance and boost your testosterone.  

And for those singing the mid-life blues, fret not my friend because more testosterone can bring back the vigor of your youth and get your soldier standing tall once again.

We now know that secret agent #1 testosterone, is the master blaster for boosting boners and shortly I’ll show you how to produce it in large quantities, but we still have one more secret agent that can lift your soldier, turn back the clock and get you back in the sack. So let’s investigate a little further.

What Are Healthy Levels Of Testosterone?

The normal range of the Big T in males is around 270-1070 nanograms per deciliter ng/dL (936 – 3,710 nmol/L) with the average being around 670 ng/dL (2,223 nmol/L).  And while the American Urological Association recommends a level of 300 ng/dl (1,040 nmol/L), if you really want the full benefits of the Big T you should really shoot towards the upper ranges between 670 and 1,100 ng/dL (2,223 – 3,814 nmol/L).    

If you have no idea what your T levels are it could be like trying to find a new destination in a foreign country without GPS or a map; you’ll most likely get lost. But if you know for sure you’re critically low, this alone will give you the motivation to really act on the strategies in this book.  

And if you’re really high, you can begin to back off since too much T is not a good thing either. Some alcoholics, gamblers and people attracted to “get rich quick schemes” have been known to have abnormally high levels of testosterone. I suggest either making an appointment with your doctor to run a test or buy a simple home test kit.

If this sounds like something that might help you take action check out my recommendations on my website on the Man Up Resources page and to learn more about having healthy levels of testosterone, grab a copy of Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures.

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