Patience And Focus: Natural Ways To Correct ED

Now that you’ve started using your breath work as a daily practice to lower stress, as instructed in my previous blog, let’s dive into natural ways to correct ED.

Be Patient

If your mind wanders, and it most likely will, remember that any new skill, from playing baseball to having sex, requires time and effort; of course, breathwork is no different.

Ever get distracted when you’re trying to focus on one thing? Maybe you were attempting a roll in the hay with your special someone, but you’re mind was so worried about giving her the goods and not being rejected that old faithful lost faith and went into hibernation. 

Or maybe its time to go to sleep but your mind is spinning in 30 different directions like how you got into a fight with a co-worker or family member, or what an idiot you are for making a mistake on the job.

Make Friends With Distractions

Most people tend to fight the distractions with more negative self talk or numb them with more distractions like drugs, TV and porn.  

But I’d like to offer you one of the most ingenious strategies ever created for dissolving distractions. This is really important so listen up!

Instead of fighting distractions or pushing them away, create a partnership and make friends with them. While this may sound counter intuitive, these thoughts are valid and until you see them as such they’ll just keep returning to haunt you. So if you struggle with distractions while you’re trying to focus on one thing try these three steps:

  1. First, just acknowledge distractions and stressful thoughts as valid, they may be telling you something valuable
  2. Second, ask what lesson can I learn from these thoughts. 
  3. Third thank them for the lessons and release them like a cloud floating by never to return again.

For example, let’s say you messed up on a work project and you can’t forgive yourself, which stews in your mind keeping you up into the wee hours of Count Dracula. First, you say, hey you’re valid and I acknowledge you. Second you say, hey is there something you can teach me? (Note: There may not be anything to learn) Third, once you’ve learned the lesson or just listened to that voice say thank you and release it like a cloud floating by never to return.

Let’s Recap! 

After you’ve taken action on the four steps above, you should be breathing correctly and once the Ujjayi sound becomes automatic you’ll only have one thing to focus on – step 4 the image (ocean tide) of your breath.  

Long Term Habits Take 60-90 Days

You will get better at it, but only if you do it consistently for a good 60-90 days.  So make sure you schedule this in your calendar. For a more detailed training on breathing and rewiring your brain, check out The Winner’s Mindset.

To learn more about taking action naturally and cure ED, grab a copy of Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures.

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