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Steamer (No BPA)

Ceramic Tea Kettle

Lemon Squeezer

Mason Jars

Power Fat - Nuts & Seeds

Raw Walnut Butter

Raw Almond Butter

Raw Hemp Butter

Raw Walnuts

Raw Blanched Almonds

Raw Hemp Seeds

Raw Macadamia Nut Butter

Raw Tahini Butter

Pistachio Nut Butter

Raw Macadamia Nuts

Raw Sesame Seeds

Raw Pistachio Nuts

Power Fat Toppers


Ghee (Grass fed)

Walnut oil (roasted)

Coconut Butter

Coconut Cream

Coconut Milk

Avocado Oil

Olive Oil (cold pressed)

Walnut oil (cold pressed)

Almond Oil

Olive Oil w/ Rosemary

Perilla Oil (cold pressed)

Algae Oil (cold pressed)

Hemp Seed Oil (cold pressed)

Cod Liver Oil (Lemon)

Power Dessert

85% Chocolate

Chocolate Almond

Chocolate Carmel

Power Fat Snack Bars

Perfect Keto Bars

Fat Bombs

Keto Nut Bars

Protein Powerhouses

Spirulina Super Food

Brisling Sardines

Collagen Bars

Adzuki Beans

Black Beans

Grass Fed Whey

Nutritional Supplements

Krill Oil

Probiotics / Prebiotics / Enzymes

Whole Food Multivitamin & Minerals

Immunity Super Power Supplements

Lipsomal-C Antioxidant

Vitamin D3

Antioxidant Powder

Virus & Bacteria Crusher 


Ionic Zinc

Beta Glucans

Hawaiian Spirulina

Fermented Mushrooms

Power Booster Supplements


Creatine Muscle Builder

Ginseng Libido Power

Anti-Agin Booster Supplements

NAD+ Super Power

 Ubiquinol / CoQ10

Cleansing Supplements

Cleansing Clay


Yerba Mate (calm energy)

Yerba Mate (traditional)

Organic Coffee (mentalist)

Organic Matcha

Gunpowder Green Tea

Vita Cup Coffee

Coffee & Tea Fat

Trace Minerals

Pellegrino Water

Sleeping Aids


Sleeping Mask

Sound Sleep Machine

Testing & Feedback

Alkalinity Test Strips

Ketone & Glucose Test