“Peace is not an absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” – Ronald Reagan

Since conflict will never go away the most important lesson here is the acceptance of conflict.  Not only outside conflict but even more important is the conflict within yourself.

I’m talking about the conflict of… I want to express myself, but oh no society and people will think I’m weird so let me play it safe.  Or how about the conflict of… don’t take too much or don’t make too much because you’ll run out  and there will not be enough for everybody  else and you will be criticized versus… the  universe is abundant U2 can have love, you too can make a fortune or you too can be absolutely healthy.

Conflict will never go away, you cannot have good without evil or evil without good. They depend on each other.   This obviously is an in-depth subject which could be studied for a lifetime. Bottom line is that when we except conflict is inevitable we stop resisting and it stops persisting.  Yeah… Remember that other cliché: what you resist persists? Thoughts to ponder!

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