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The Power Diet is backed by over 200 scientific studies and has been proven to burn fat, boost energy, and slow down the aging process without having to give up on taste.  

It also boosts your immunity!  According to the CDC over 90% of all hospitalizations for COVID-19 are related to underlying conditions including, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, chronic lung disease and cardiovascular disease.  

Fortunately, according to multiple studies featured in The Power Diet, all of these underlying conditions can be reversed through an intelligent diet and exercise program.  

Food is your first line of defense! You eat it 3 times a day and it can either protect you like an impenetrable shield or drain your power and make you an easy target for invaders.  The Power Diet offers a unique yet simple solution to create 10 minute Power Meals that can supercharge your immunity, lift your libido and boost your energy with rich, delicious mouth watering meals. Get it on sale  on AMAZON for a limited time only,   Just click below:

From The Author -  I've spent over 20 years creating what I believe is the ultimate diet, which has already impacted the lives of thousands of people by eliminating "Power Drains" and adding "Power Boosts."  This, in turn, has eliminated illnesses like the flu, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease while boosting overall energy and power.  Right now, for under $10 you can start feeling absolutely amazing from eating rich delicious foods that increase your power instead of draining it.  Take action now by clicking on the link on this page and get started today!  -Chad Scott

What will you learn from this book:

How To Triple Your Power & Crush COVID 19

The Power Diet features "Power Boosts," "Power Limits," and "Power Drains," which show you step-by-step how you how to add the most powerful foods in the most efficient amounts while removing some unlikely foods that drain your power and make you sick.  (Hint... It's probably not what you think it is).  These three categories make The Power Diet super simple for anyone

How To Burn Logs Not Matchsticks 

Most people's primary fuel source is like throwing matchsticks on a campfire.  It never lasts long and it must be constantly fed to keep it going.  This constant feeding increases insulin and cortisol which can lower your immune system and make you more vulnerable to illness.  In contrast, the Power Diet shows you how to burn logs so you don't have to eat all the time, where you enjoy a consistent source of power that keeps you and your immunity going strong all day long without caffeine and artificial stimulants.    

How To Burn Fat By Eating Luscious Creamy Fat

It's no mystery anymore, fat does not make you fat, carbs and their resulting inflammation does that.  But what type of fat and how much you eat can either boost your power or drain it completely and make you sick.  In The Power Diet you'll learn exactly what fats taste the best and provide the most power.  This combination helps you shed fat naturally without thinking!  

Boost Your Energy & Libido

If you have any challenges with energy or libido, The Power Diet eliminates the drains that kills these while offering some of the most tasty recipes for boosting your potency and sex drive.  

Check Out Our Success Stories

A simple but genius formula to boost power and burn fat naturally with meals that make you feel great all day”  Andrew Beinbrink - CEO SportsForce 

Andrew Beinbrink

CEO, SportsForce

"The Power Diet is a game changer.  Within days of starting I felt my mind sharpen and my body become more toned.  The best part about this diet is that I'm always satiated from eating delicious rich and tasty food."

Kyle Purcell

Growth Hacker, Oceanside CA

The Power Diet has changed my life.  After struggling with low immunity, getting sick all the time and being overweight I've finally found something that works, and its really simple.  I love eating power meals and I look forward them every day, restaurants just don't compare anymore.

Joe Greene

IDS Technician, Boise Idaho

I got really ill from the flu this winter but fortunately I was introduced to The Power Diet, which increased my natural defenses and within a couple days eliminated my cough and congestion.  My husband was so impressed he started it as well and we've continued eating according to The Power Diet because it not only makes you stronger but the flexibility and recommended foods make it incredibly enjoyable and satisfying.  I can't imagine ever stopping.  This is something more people should have access to.

Lea and Al

Broker & Realtor from MDR CA

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