As we’ve discussed in one of my previous blog posts, as a yoga teacher for over 12 years, people who struggle with stress the most are the ones who can’t breathe properly. 

Now, let’s get into Meditation and Breath Work related to stress and erections.

If you’re at all doubtful or the thought of meditation conjures up thoughts of fairy dust and feathers, allow me to show you why this is so important. 

Meditation is a practice, which allows you to monitor and control the unproductive thoughts that your mind produces through mental mastery and breath control.   Essentially, the biggest benefit of breath control is the fact that it stimulates your PNS and makes you more relaxed, calm and confident, which then allows blood to flow more freely into your big guy.

But the beauty of Meditation is that it extends beyond pole power since it can be practiced anywhere.  For instance, you can meditate while you’re walking, waiting in line at the grocery store, while you are at work and most importantly… when you get stressed out! If for example, you are experiencing a lot of stress from work or your relationship, you can immediately interrupt any patterns of negative thinking (remember that whinny kid) by simply breathing deeply through your nose using a technique called Ujjayi Breathing.

Simple Breath Meditation with Ujjayi Breathing

What it is: Ujjayi Breathing is one of the quickest ways to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) by breathing deeply through your nose with your mouth closed.

The key is to inhale and exhale through your nose with a slight constriction at the back of your throat.  Similar to a snoring noise, there is a slight resonation created from this constriction.  If you’re short on references, just imagine Darth Vader from Star Wars and his constricted breathing.  Maybe this is why he was always so calm and collected.  I’d also imagine he had some fierce pole boosting ability.  Joking aside, if the power of breathwork doesn’t make sense quite yet, don’t worry; it takes some time to master so just be patient.

How it works: Ujjayi breathing stimulates your PNS by pulling oxygen deep into the lower lobes of your lungs where your PNS is highly concentrated.

While a good yoga class like ones from my Fired Up program will give detailed instruction on incorporating Ujjayi Breathing into your life, you can do this anytime you’re stressed, anxious, depressed or as part of a daily practice.  But that’s not all Ujjayi is good for; it also works wonders for sexual stamina and delaying your orgasms. Yes, you heard me correctly…

Ujjayi Breathing Delays Ejaculation! 

I discovered this purely out of experimentation when I was getting down with my girlfriend one day.  I was almost at that point of no return, when I thought: “Hey why not just use the Ujjayi technique.” As I began to breathe really deeply, almost magically, I went from out of control to back in the thrusters position.  And as long as I kept breathing this way, I was like the Energizer Bunny – I just kept going and going and going. 

Needles to say, I was able to give her exactly what she wanted until she exploded with joy and crowned me as her hero once again.   

While that may sound overly exaggerated, it’s really not since biologically, it makes perfect sense.   When you use the Ujjayi technique you are stimulating your PNS and relaxing your muscles, including the ones associated with erection and ejaculation. 

Effectively, it’s the opposite of the constriction of blood vessels when you activate your SNS.  And this one little strategy made a huge difference in my sexual performance while winning me huge points with my woman.  So take this one seriously and practice it to perfection. 

To read more about Ujjayi Breathing, I strongly suggest reading Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures to learn more on how we can work on this.

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