Most health experts estimate that roughly 70% of you’re your immune system is housed in your gut wall.  And while probiotics have the power to create life and restore your natural gut bacteria, according to experts like Dr. Steven Gundry antibiotics indiscriminately carpet bomb your gut wall and wipe out both the good and bad bacteria.

So if you’ve been taking antibiotics for a long period of time or if you suffer from any gut issues, chances are you’ve wiped out a good chunk of your stomach soldiers and have an abundance of inflammation, which also means you’re at high risk for heart disease.  Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, heart disease is one of the main challenges of male potency and ED – Man Down!

This is really important for your health and understanding what is happening here can make a big difference in your soldier strength so listen up. 

Essentially, your intestine’s epithelial cells (cells that line the surfaces of your body) provide a physical barrier to pathogens and invaders and initiates an immune response when invaders attack.  This is where probiotics come in huge.   

Probiotics moderate the inflammatory response by repairing these epithelial barriers.  They’re like the infantry in your gut and support the production of anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids, and synthesize antimicrobial peptides. These “good bacteria” also affect molecules known as cytokines that can impact and reduce inflammation.

Without this burier of soldiers, the enemy would most likely overrun your defenses.  Your gut and other body parts like joints and arteries will be on fire, literally.  Unfortunately, all this inflammation can lead to ED and the most unsightly of scenes… Dead Dick! 

To avoid this (assuming you’ve handled your root challenges) I recommend you eat fermented foods with every meal.  Here are some examples:

Yogurt (low or no sugar), fermented vegetables, fermented apple cider vinegar, fermented dairy, and kimchi

As amazing as these foods are for building soldier strength they will most likely not be enough to repair any previous gut damage, so in addition, I recommend a good probiotic supplement.    

Buyers Beware!

There are literally thousands of probiotic supplements to choose from but most are ineffective, low quality, overpriced powder that dissolves without ever getting down to your small intestine. 

If you don’t have a proven source, which you know works, Dr. Mercola, one of the most trusted sources of health has developed one of the most potent probiotic supplements.  Check it out here on Amazon.

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