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raising-up-othersPeople Who Are Secure With Themselves Don’t Need To Put Others Down, instead they lift them up. Of course on the flip side of the equation, those who talk down to others, who discourage others, or belittle them only do it because deep down they are insecure and don’t believe in themselves.

Recently I had someone in my life tell me I wasn’t happy and proceeded to call me names and belittle me.  It was interesting, like calling the kettle black.

Lets be honest, if you really believe in yourself and you are a happy person, you simply won’t feel the need to tear someone down even if they aren’t responding the way you want them to.  Instead, if you are genuinely a happy person and its not based on external circumstances, you will lift people up, encourage them and act with compassion even if they aren’t giving you exactly what you want.

So anytime you feel you need to tear someone down, think about it.  Are you really happy yourself, can you take a moment to breathe, to reflect on who you are showing up as in this world.  Perhaps make a commitment to become a better person, one who’s purpose is to lift people up.

Wednesday Wisdom #39
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