Ways To Be More Self Confident While We Combat The Silent Confidence Killer – Sleep Deprivation

As I’ve introduced in our past blog post we’re finally diving into detail with several breathing techniques to make sure that your default action should always be to breathe deep and think clearly which helps you to be more self confident out there.

In the physical level of the Triad, nothing kills your confidence quicker than a lack of sleep.  When you’re sleep deprived, no matter what you eat or how much you exercise, your brain simply can not function properly, which will effectively lower your brain power (make you stupid) and throw a few more loops into your emotional roller coaster. 

Over time, lack of sleep can lower your body’s defenses, putting you at risk of developing chronic illness, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, hallucinations, and even suicidal tendencies.  

Beyond all the clinical data, the rejuvenating powers of sleep have far reaching effects.  Personally, I’ve had days where I was exhausted from working tirelessly and when that 4 pm hour arrives the only thing I can do is surrender to a horizontal position and close my eyes. But no more than 15-20 minutes later when I awake, I feel as if I’ve visited a rejuvenation plant that’s pumped me full of supercharged life force plasma. My brain functions at 100% capacity, my thoughts are crystal clear and I’ve got the energy to push me through the next 6 – 8 hours. It’s almost like a mini rebirth, which makes sense when you consider all the miracles happening while you’re sleeping. 

According to the National Institute of Health, during your sleeping hours a host of detoxification, healing and recharging mechanisms kick into high gear.  This includes Human Growth Hormone (HGH), that protein hormone we mentioned earlier which promotes the growth, maintenance, and repair of muscles and bones by facilitating the use of amino acids. 

Almost miraculously, every tissue in your body is renewed faster during sleep than at any time when awake. And… there’s a Big T Bonus here!  Most of your testosterone needed for confidence and sexual reproduction is secreted during sleep.

In a study on sleep and testosterone production, researchers found that men who slept for four hours had about 60% less testosterone in their serum than men who slept for eight hours. So remember this one:

Most of Your Testosterone is Produced During Sleep

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