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Based on my previous blog, we have talked about how tempo, lubrication, and position affects your sword. On today’s blog, we’ll be talking about more tips and tricks that is connected with teamwork and other factors related to home ED cures.


Now it’s time to practice team building by verbalizing your needs.  Understandably, if you’re reading this alone you won’t be able to ask questions so I recommend rereading the options above and memorizing them or creating your own.

Just remember, when the next opportunity arises, chances are, if you haven’t prepared yourself, you’ll just fall into old habits, shut down and suffer from the same poor results.

If you are reading this with your partner, each one of you will need to practice by asking a question like:

How about some team sex tonight?

This can obviously be modified with something a little more fun like:

  • Want to play?  
  • Let’s get naked!  
  • Want to jump in the sack tonight? 
  • How about a panty raid?

The sky is the limit so feel free to get creative; the point here is just to initiate team sex.  

Next is the arousal stage, which we already talked about, so assuming you’re sufficiently aroused, it’s time to communicate your needs. You can start this conversation by asking her to slowly warm you up, and then increase the velocity with something like:  

“Go For It Babe, Be Aggressive!”

If she doesn’t have perfect technique, which most won’t, show her exactly how to stroke the shaft and head of your pipe according to what really turns you on.   

Remember, this is a team effort, be patient, relax and laugh, it should be fun! Also, make sure there are no expectations; there is no wrong or right, you’re simply experimenting to find the best options.

If you end up having sex and can’t read further, don’t worry you can pick up where you left off later on. 

Option 2) The Magic of Mutual Masturbation (MM)

The Magic of Mutual Masturbation was a gem of inspiration created out of my experience with that confident and grounded woman I talked about earlier who liked to play with herself before we had sex. Since this may be unchartered territory for some, you’ll need to take a deep breath and let go of any preconceived beliefs about how sex should proceed.

Essentially, this second option is about manning up by taking things into your own hands (pun intended).  

This can be done to start with or as an addition to Option 1 if that doesn’t work out. This panty party starts after you’ve aroused each other with some foreplay, at which point you’ll need to man up and say something like:

Hey, can you play with yourself for a minute,
it really turns me on?

If you have any reservations about this approach, forget it! This is an outdated belief that is disempowering you from having great sex and I’ll prove that to you shortly in the next chapter.  

For now, just know that once you engage in MM, no matter how weird it may seem to masturbate in front of your partner, just watching them will most likely turn you into a jaw dropping, saliva dripping, horny hillbilly, which will help your soldier report for duty (like magic!)

Why Choose Option 2 over Option 1?

While Option 1 “The Magic Jackhammer,” may sound appealing, she may not be able to power pump your soldier to full erection, at which time you’ll need to use old trusty – your right hand man. Yes, you’ll need to start rubbing the magic lamp and since you’ve most likely done this more times than I can count, you probably don’t need much advice on how to do that.   

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Remember, too much stress not only kills erections but can make you prematurely eject your baby soldiers. So if you’re at all timid or doubting yourself, make sure you relax and breathe deep using the Ujjayi technique we talked about earlier.  

If you’ve taken care of the root causes of ED, all you’ll need to do at this point is relax and watch her do her thing while you do yours, at which point old faithful should rise again. Just make sure you’ve addressed the underlying problems (the roots) of your particular challenge before you attempt one of these solutions.   


Time to practice more team sex by engaging in some mutual masturbation.  Again, if you’re reading this alone you’ll simply need to practice verbalizing your needs by repeating the questions mentioned earlier until you memorize them and are prepared the next time you jump back in the sack.

If you and your partner are reading this together, it’s time to experiment and have some fun. Go ahead and initiate “team sex” then ask a question like:  

Hey can you play with yourself for a minute,
it really turns me on?

Next, tell each other how it makes you feel to watch your partner play with themselves. Does it turn you on? If so, don’t hold back! Say something like:

Wow, that really turns me on something fierce!

Remember, this is all experimentation, no right or wrong! Your goal here is to have fun, laugh, explore and find the best solution for team sex.  

Now guys start waxing your sword, either dry or with some lubricant and ladies you go ahead and get that panty party started. Again, if you have sex and can’t continue reading this book, don’t worry, you can pick it up later.  And hopefully, by now, I’ve trained you to believe this process is really fun and exciting so I’ll be seeing you real soon.

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