If you’ve been reading my blog you will have come to understand that each of mother natures herbs has a rating associated with 5 factors of potency, toxicity, fertility, libido, and stress levels.

While you may want to buy a supplement that has multiple ingredients from the list of herbs we just reviewed, I recommend not jumping the gun (pun intended) and blowing your wad of cash.   I mentioned this earlier but all you need to do is look at some of the reviews on Amazon for most of these products, which should give you pause.  So here’s the next question: 

Why do most of these fail and have so many bad reviews?

Typically, when broad-spectrum supplements do not work it can be attributed to five main reasons as follows:

  1. It all comes back to the root.  A lot of men are desperate for a solution and will try anything to get rid of the problem immediately (remember “Riding the Wave” from Chapter 3).   Unfortunately, until you do the work to weed out the root cause of erection dysfunction or erection dissatisfaction, supplements will not help you boost a steel pipe erection.
  • The supplements are not safe or from pure sources.  Impurities and additives can render these compounds useless or make your stomach do backflips with indigestion.  We mentioned mercury and lead as some of the hazards in Tongkat Ali but this is just tip of the iceberg when it comes to impure sources.
  • You aren’t taking the right dosage.  Too little won’t do anything and too much could again make you sick.   For example, Maca rates high on our rock star rating system but to get any real benefits you’ll need to ingest 1.75 grams per day.  Since most capsules only contain a maximum of .75 grams you’d either need to take multiple capsules or just buy powder and add it to your daily smoothies.
  • You haven’t taken it long enough.  Most of the studies conducted on these supplements lasted months not days.  You’ll need to keep taking these supplements daily for a few months (at least) if you’re to duplicate the successes of these studies.  Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, most of the top supplements provide other benefits that increase overall health.  So while you’re ramping up that steel pole, you’ll also be getting other benefits like more strength gains, more energy and the reversal of oxidation and aging.
  • Your body may reject one or more of the ingredients in the formula or the combination of ingredients.  Remember those lectins?  Not all plants were meant to be eaten, which means you may buy a formula that has one or more ingredients that are toxic to your digestive system and micro biome.  Additionally, the combination of these ingredients may interfere with one another. 

As you can see, there are many ways a broad-spectrum supplement can either work against you or not work at all.  To avoid these traps you’ll want to stick to the highest-rated supplements, which are safe to take minus the negative side effects. 

Man Up Supplement Formula

As of now, there are no broad-spectrum supplements available that contain this unique Man Up formula.  Fortunately, I’ve had hundreds of requests for this so I’ve decided to take the plunge and make it for you. 

This formula is one of a kind, 100% natural, safe, organic and based on proven scientific studies.  Most importantly it works!

Where can you get The Man Up Formula?

Unlike other supplements to help erectile dysfunction, which are irresponsibly sold to anyone regardless of whether or not they’ve handled the root of their challenges, we sell these supplements with a free 60-minute educational video that helps you solve the root of all the problems we just talked about.  Again, unless you handle the root of your problem, supplements won’t do much of anything and we end up getting blamed.  To purchase The Man UP Formula head over to this link:


To your success – Chad

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