Take Action – The First Step For A Weak Immune System Diet

Throughout this blog post, you will consistently see the words “Take Action.” I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this you are seeking new results in your life, which means you must absolutely take action.  

Lack of action is the #1 reason people do not succeed in life and without action, your power will only decrease.  Consequently, you’ll need to make sure you take some form of action each time you see the following words:

“Take Action”

In The Power Diet, this will either be a simple act like writing down a key lesson in your smartphone or repeating a phrase so you remember it.  If you can’t do these simple acts you may as well just give up right now in getting the weak immune system diet you need.  Strong words perhaps but I’m not interested in just collecting more readers and selling more books.  I’m interested in changing your life, that’s what I’m here on earth to do, which means you must take some form of action.

Now hopefully you’re on board with the crucial nature of taking action, which means it’s time for some action.

Question:  From this point on you’ll need to ask yourself a critical question when you eat your next meal and every other meal for the rest of your life: 

Does This Food Give Me Power Or Take It Away?

By asking yourself this simple question you’ll begin to create awareness around the food you eat, which will start the experimentation phase of The Power Diet.  So right now, go ahead and write this question down somewhere in your kitchen or in your smartphone and repeat it at least 5 times.  This is really important since it will begin to activate your RAS (reticular activating system). 

If you’re not already familiar with the RAS, this is a real part of your brain that automatically focuses in on things that are important to you. 

Like a homing device, your RAS brings things to your attention and makes them important.  For instance, have you ever bought something like a car or jacket and started noticing others who had the same car or jacket?  This is your RAS in action! 

It’s not that you couldn’t see these things before, it’s just that your RAS wasn’t focused on them. 

Similarly, if you begin to focus on the level of energy and power associated with the foods you eat, you’ll begin to clearly see and feel what foods boost and drain your power. If you can do this consistently over time, you’ll begin to automatically refine your diet to find your own personal sweet spot of optimized power where life becomes much easier and more enjoyable.  

And since repetition is the mother of all skill, go ahead and repeat this question to yourself right now and remember to ask yourself after each meal:

Did This Food Give Me Power Or Take It Away?

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