Teamwork Makes The “Thing” Work — Natural Ways To Overcome ED

Based on my previous blog, we’ve talked about plowing through your insecurities and achieving natural ways to overcome ED. What’s better than linking up with your partner and communicating to achieve great things, right?

Team Sex Scenarios

Now let’s see how we can use some team sex strategies in a few real life scenarios. First, go ahead and recreate the scene of your last embarrassing episode when your soldier suddenly deflated or just wouldn’t stand tall.  

Got it?

If you’ll recall from earlier, we learned that an erect soldier contains up to eight times more blood than when it’s flaccid. This is why PDE5 inhibitors, such as sildenafil (Viagra) are so popular and abused – they help you increase blood flow. But you don’t need PDE5 inhibitors to get your blood pumping.  

Assuming you’ve handled the root of your problems (mental and/or physical) and you got your testosterone and nitric oxide rocking, you can lift up your pipe with some specific physical actions and a little teamwork between you and your partner.

Amusingly, I learned this strategy when I got into a relationship with a confident and grounded woman who liked to play with herself before we had sex. When she invited me to do the same, my first reaction was, “But that’s taboo!”  

Happily, after she assured me through some elegant strokes of her love tunnel, my resistance completely disappeared (oh yeah, as I also drooled out of the crack of my mouth). This act was a revelation of massive proportions for me and from that point on changed my entire outlook on the old rules of sexual engagement.  

In all honesty, prior to this girlfriend, I dated a lot of sexually uneducated women who were unsympathetic to the erection challenges experienced by men. These gals were typically entitled, impatient and expected me to get hard immediately with no intervention. But this new gal was teaching me things I never thought possible, which took my sex life to a whole new level.

What I realized was that I didn’t have to succumb to the pressure of getting an auto erection like when I was 25 years old. Instead, I created a new sex modus operandi (SMO), which I’ll share with you now. Feel free to take notes or try this on your partner right now (if you have one). 

Wet, Wild and Aroused

First, you need to warm her up and get your partner wet, wild and aroused. To do this, you can employ the use of your hands, lips, and tongue. For maximum arousal, key areas, which are highly sensitive, need to be caressed, kissed and licked.  

The most obvious first action here is hand contact, which will then lead to kissing and subsequent tongue twirling.  

Some of those key arousal spots include the neck, ears, and inner thighs.  This progression will quite naturally lead to the more erotic zones like breasts, backside, and land of the love tunnel. 

For the ladies reading this, you’ll need to share power here and become a team player. Specifically, your man possesses some of the same highly sensitive erotic zones you have, which need to be caressed, kissed and licked. We’ll talk about the main difference like the magic wand shortly, so just keep reading.  

If tongue twirling sounds a little past your time, hey, let’s be real!  You may have a long-term partner who you’ve been with for 30 years and twisting tongues (sober at least) may just be a thing of the past. Or you may only have time for a quickie, which means you may want to bypass the tongue twisting part and just go straight for the goods.

Regardless of where you’re at, from a team building perspective, you’ll need to talk to each other about when you like to have sex, where your erotic zones are and what really turns you on. Be honest here and most importantly; be open to giving up some power and experimenting with new options.

Did this pique your interest? I highly suggest that you check out Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures here.

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