Let’s face it, just rolling with the status quo, doing only what is expected of you will never push you to your limits and increase your capacity. As a result, most people are just comfortable, getting by, but not really living exciting lives, breaking through limitations and seeing what they’re really made of.

Unfortunately, there is a painful price to pay for living the status quo or just doing what people expect of you. In fact, this could be the most painful mistake you ever make in your entire life.

It turns out that recent studies such as the one documented by former palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware in her book, “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying,” the number one regret for people at the end of life was… can you guess?

“The #1 regret at the end of life is not having the courage to live a life true
to oneself but rather, doing what was expected.”

In other words, by giving up on your dreams and doing what everybody else expects you to do, at the end of your life, chances are, you’ll feel loads of regrets and depression.

In contrast, taking on more challenges leads to more growth, which leads to an increase in your capacity. And all of this leads to superhero powers like fearless action, walking into the unknown, standing up for the greater good, and most importantly independent unbreakable confidence or what I like to call – The Ultimate High!

To fully grasp this crucial lesson we’ll use the visual analogy of throwing a pebble into a tiny puddle. When the pebble hits the puddle the water is displaced into a chaotic mess, leaving the puddle virtually empty. But if you threw that same pebble into a big ocean, you would barely see a ripple, as the ocean would absorb the pebble with ease.

Similarly, in life, the pebble represents your challenges, problems, obstacles, fears, and failures. The water represents your capacity or level of independent confidence. Once you expand your capacity, you’ll grow from a small pond to a lake and hopefully from there, eventually an ocean.

And what determines your level of capacity and confidence? As you can see from our most important diagram below, confidence and capacity are directly related to action. In other words, the more action you take, the more your capacity and confidence goes up.

Yes, the right action is important and we’ll address that shortly, just know for now that once your capacity expands from taking lots of action, you’ll be able to swallow problems and obstacles like marshmallows on a skewer and cruise through life without a whole lot of turbulence.

This is the point where life becomes really exciting because when you don’t have to spend all your energy focusing on problems, you’ll be refocusing your energy on your dreams.

You’ll most likely sleep like a baby, jump out of bed excited for the day, build more fortune and develop more loving relationships. I don’t know about you, but this sounds a lot more exciting than living that small life on the couch just doing what others expected while dragging around a massive backpack full of rocks (your failures of the past).

At the end of the day, the #1 key to avoiding that #1 regret is to build independent confidence.  Notice I did not just say “confidence,” but “independent confidence.”  This form of confidence comes from the integration of 3 key levels of confidence I call “The Triad of Unbreakable Confidence.”   approach to all three levels of confidence you could just remain a puddle that splashes when the real challenges hit.  If you’d like to become a big ocean that swallows problems with ease and do whatever the hell you want to do without worrying about what others think I highly recommend you check out “Get High On Confidence.”   This unique new self-help book for men and women eliminates the guesswork and guides you step by step in developing independent confidence with science-based solutions.  Check out some of our reader reviews and learn how to get rid of fear here. 

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