If you suffer from low libido or have difficulty maintaining an erection there’s a good chance you’ve searched for the quickest solution to eliminate the unbearable pain and embarrassment this can cause.  Unfortunately, without a deeper look at the underlying cause of your problem, you may end up like most men who just dump money down the toilet with expensive supplements and pharmaceuticals.

The real challenge of erectile dysfunction is the fear that you may have to do a little more work than just popping a pill to reverse ED.   If fear holds you back and sitting on the couch watching TV seems like a more viable option than expanding your capacity, you may feel comfortable, but you’ll most likely never see your soldier do a full solute again, much less make a woman scream for joy.

Accordingly, the first step on this journey is to be self-honest about where you’re at in life, without which, reclaiming your manhood and sexual power will remain just a dream, like a harem of 10 beautiful women waiting for you in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Tempting as that may seem, its time to wake up my friend, your harem isn’t in some far off desert, it’s right here in the rewards and treasures you’ll find from expanding your capacity.   This is your first realization about breaking through and getting your soldier to stand tall once again. So remember this one:

Self-Honesty Is The First Step In Getting Your Soldier To Stand Tall

In the new book “Man Up – The Ultimate Guide to Natural ED Cures” by Chad Scott, the first epiphany for readers is finding out (perhaps for the first time) just exactly what has been holding down their soldier strength.  Regardless of what solution you choose you’ll need to make absolutely sure, when you come across certain concepts, tools or strategies in a book, which make you feel a little uncomfortable, instead of retreating to your comfort zone and sitting on the sidelines, be honest about where you’re at and know that learning and growing leads to success.

This isn’t just hyperbole either. If you read the book “Get High On Confidence” you might remember a study by Dr. Carol Dweck, which found that a growth mindset leads to success, while a fixed mindset leads to stagnation and failure.

Of course, having a growth mindset is directly correlated to maximizing your capacity and being honest about where you’re at in life.  For instance, what is your current state of health, do you get enough sleep, do the foods you eat help or hinder your testosterone production and how much stress do you have in your life?

If you’re at all unsure about these questions we highly recommend you grab a copy of Man Up.  For around $10 you can avoid wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars on worthless supplements and get your man to stand tall a solute her majesty once again.  ED in men is a choice, not a death sentence.   Grab your copy at this link here

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