The Popular Exercise Book: Bullet Proofing Beliefs

Strength training creates a impact in one’s life as mentioned in my previous blog. Now, let’s go through this popular exercise book.

Improves Strength

While this is the most obvious of all the benefits, it’s important to understand that muscle strength protects you from joint failure and organ failure. So if you have a skiing accident but your knees are insulated with lots of muscle fibers from strength training, you’ll be less likely to incur damage. Similarly, if your kidneys or heart fail for any reason but you have lots of muscle, this will delay organ failure and possibly even save your life. 

Strength Training For Life – Bullet Proofing Beliefs

“You have two choices, make excuses or make progress” – Tony Robbins

Whether you make excuses or make progress in strength training depends on your belief about it. And regardless of whether or not you’re aware of any reluctance to strength training, it’s important to look at your underlying belief about it and make absolutely sure nothing stands in the way of you and your island full of treasure.

To do this you’ll need to answer four critical questions, which have been strategically crafted to shift your focus from disempowered to empowered and create a lifetime habit. In the personal development world, we call this process “neurological repatterning,” which is really just a fancy phrase for changing beliefs.

Effectively, this process works to rewire your mindset and its associated beliefs to access more resourceful states, which then help you take more action and manifest your most sought after desires.

Time For Action

Below are four critical questions you’ll need to answer in order to start the belief change process. If you’re at all unsure about how to answer a question just reference the examples provided.

Typical Scenarios

To assist you in identifying your old beliefs I’ve listed the most common limiting beliefs about strength training and how they play out in typical scenarios. As you read them, be honest about which applies most accurately to your own circumstances and use them in the following exercise. If none apply, don’t skip this exercise; instead, create your own.

I’m too old – Multiple studies conclude that no age is too old for strength training.  And as mentioned earlier, strength training has been proven to turn back the clock by 10 years.

It’s boring – Strength training may not be like hiking in Yosemite or skiing down the Swiss Alps but we can definitely take out the boring factor and enhance the awesomeness by adding music and mixing it up with different routines.  Fortunately, with my program, you’ll never get bored because we use the synergy of Yoga, Strength Training and HIT and each discipline has multiple routines to choose from. 

I don’t want to be sore – Yes you can expect to be sore a few days after exercising for the first time or after not doing it for a while, but as your muscles get used to the movement they will get less and less sore each time. And here’s the really good news: Since you’ll be alternating with Yoga and HIT your muscles will be given more time to repair and you’ll have the added synergy of Yoga to compliment healing. Rapid recovery can also be enhanced with proper nutrition so make sure you check out The Power Diet if you don’t already own it.

I don’t want to bulk up – Whether you do or don’t want to bulk up, strength training in and of itself does NOT lead to bulk. The bulk comes from eating an irregular diet, loading up on supplements and following a bodybuilding exercise routine.

Fired Up is not a course on bodybuilding nor do I recommend anyone practice extreme exercise or overeating. These extreme practices can lead to injury, tax your mind and body, reduce your lifespan, and potentially lead to disease. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation in 2018 showed that the highest rate of injury for exercise disciplines came from bodybuilding and golf.  

Remember, our goal is optimal health and superhuman strength. If your goal is to get as huge as possible, it’s important to think about what’s behind this motivation and does is really serve yourself and the greater good of the world.

Question 1

  1. How did your old belief play out in a Circle of Results Model? In other words, what did you pretend to believe which when realized would make this disempowered belief go away forever?  

Below is an example of a Circle of Results Model, which answers question #1 using an example from above. As you read it take a note on how it does or does not apply to your own circumstances.

Circle of Results Model Example

B – I pretended to believe that my self-worth was determined by how much others approved of me. I pretended to believe that unlike others, I wasn’t worthy of having a strong and fit body, that my friends, family, and others who told me I was weak and worthless were right.  I use to believe working out would always be painful and that I’d always be judged as being weak so I never did it.

T – I used to think, “Oh my God I’m going to look like a fool, everyone will laugh at me and I’ll be sore for a week.”

E – I felt stressed, anxious and apprehensive at just the thought of working out.

A – Instead of working out I would just revert to food, TV and my couch for comfort.

R – I became weak, overweight and depressed from my lack of activity.

Write down your “Old Belief” in a Circle of Results Model.

  1. What are the problems created by your old belief?

Describe the problems your old belief created – i.e., how much time was wasted, any bad habits you developed, how did you suffer, how did it make you feel?

For example:  I wasted 100’s of hours on the couch watching TV instead of getting Fired Up and pursuing my passions. I would sit down and eat a gallon of ice cream while binge watching Netflix from the time I got home until the time I went to bed. I didn’t sleep well and suffered from insomnia.  I stopped respecting myself and so did the people around me. To feel better I would just distract myself with more vices and create even more pain. I felt stuck, depressed and hopeless.   

Write Down The Problems Created by Your Old Belief

  1. What are the benefits of your problem?

If there were a benefit to having this problem what would it be? Is there something that your unconscious mind wants you to understand that if you understood it would make the problem disappear?

For example:  I realized that the reason people judged me for being weak had nothing to do with me. These people were insecure and needed to put others down in order to feel good about themselves. I also realized that I was just making excuses, doubting myself and postponing my dreams. I learned that failure from the past doesn’t mean failure in the future. This new perspective allowed me to step my game up, take action and start building myself with The Power Diet and the Fired Up program.

Write Down The Benefits Of Your Problem

New Belief Change Declaration #1 – Strength Training Is Powerful

Now its time to declare your new belief by writing it down in a Circle of Results Model and then focus on it daily. 

  1. How will your “New Belief” play out in a Circle of Results Model?


B – I believe the fear of embarrassment and rejection is just a story, an excuse to remain stuck. I also believe in myself without the need for approval from others. I believe strength training makes me more sexually potent, strong and powerful so I can stand up for myself, take action, contribute more to society and live my life purpose. It’s a privilege, which helps me see the world much more clearly.

T – I think someone is judging, how sad, they must be insecure and dissatisfied with themselves. I think, I can’t wait to get Fired Up; nothing makes me feel so alive and full of power. I think, I’m really working on myself and moving forward, nothing can stop me now!

E – I feel deeply satisfied and empowered like nothing can take away my joy and confidence. I feel compassion for those who need to criticize others, as I know they’re doing the best with what they got. I feel excited about the future because I know every day I just keep getting stronger.

A – I read Fired Up and The Power Diet then implement all the strategies. 

R – Within 30 days of starting the Fired Up program I start to see noticeable changes in my mind and body. I feel stronger and more powerful. People start to ask: “What’s different about you?” They respect me more and want what I have. This gives me more confidence to take more action and pursue my passions. The extra energy and confidence lead to a new side business consulting for business owners and I’ve attracted a new girlfriend who spends the night at my house 5 nights a week.

Now write down a Circle of Results Model using your “New Belief”:

New Belief:  What do you declare as your new belief?  Make sure you use Pain, Pleasure and Purpose as well as the Master Mindsets that feel most empowering to you.

Thought: Describe the thoughts you’ll have after you’ve embedded this new belief.

Emotion: Describe how you will feel once this new belief is part of your permanent mindset.

Action: What have you been unwilling to do in order to keep this problem?  Describe the action you will take which will lead to a new habit. 

Result: How do you know for sure that your old belief is no longer a problem for you?  Visualize your new outcome in detail – i.e., where will you be, who will be with you, any new habits created from the action, how will you feel?

To take action and get ahead, I suggest checking out Fired Up program here.

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