When people approach me for coaching they often ask:  “What is the quickest way to get more self-confidence.”  In my book Get High On Confidence, I outline three distinct levels of confidence – physical, mental and spiritual – each of which are absolutely critical to creating unbreakable confidence.   Of those three, your physical confidence is the quickest and easiest way to feel confident, and in my experience, people who ignore this have a tendency to end up sick, depressed and stuck to a couch with a TV clicker. And while there aren’t a whole lot of studies on being stuck to a couch with a TV clicker, there are plenty of studies that link a sedentary lifestyle with illness and depression.

The Magic Of Motion

Ever notice people who have bumper stickers that say: “I’d rather be dancing,” or “I’d rather be diving,” or “I’d rather be hiking,” or my personal favorite, “I’d rather not be working?”

Did you notice the common denominator in all of these passions? People are most passionate about these things because they force you to move your body. Or in the case of “working,” they hate it because most of the time it forces you to sit in a chair and not move your body.

A very magical thing happens when you move your body – you get high, you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re more confident. Of course, the opposite is true as well; when you don’t move your body enough, this lack of motion creates the emotional low of depression. But why does this happen?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) “Usually within five minutes after moderate exercise, you get a mood-enhancement effect.”[i] Biologically, this mood enhancement that you’re feeling comes from chemical endorphins released from your brain, which give you an almost instant feeling of confidence.

No Pain No Pain
We’ve all heard the phrase “no pain no gain,” but have you heard of the phrase “no pain no pain?” Probably not, because I just made it up, and for a really good reason.

Did you know endorphins created from exercise actually get rid of your pain and according to studies “help to alleviate anxiety and depression?” This is really important because when you engage in vigorous exercise endorphins kick in and deliver a euphoric high which according to one study, “similar to morphine, acts as an analgesic and sedative, diminishing our perception of pain.[ii]

So if you’re at all afraid of the pain of working out, forget it! With a good program like “Get Fired Up” you’ll have plenty of endorphins to make you feel good and forget all about any potential pain.

While moving your body may make you feel high and give you instant feelings of confidence, it’s also important to consider exercise as a part of your daily routine. The APA also reports that when done consistently, “exercise helps reduce long-term feelings of depression and anxiety, and in turn, can help you maintain a healthy sense of self-confidence.”

An additional study published in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment reports: “Among a sample of adult university staff members, increased physical exercise influenced self-esteem directly and indirectly.”

Sounds pretty simple… move your body and feel good. Sadly, most people see exercise as painful when in reality it’s the easiest thing you can do to get high, feel confident and get rid of pain. If you want instant confidence, moving your body is not an option, it’s mandatory! When in doubt, just remember this:

For Instant Confidence Move Your Body!

Since moving your body is sometimes easier said than done and knowing how to move your body for maximum confidence is a mystery to most, I’ve created an entire program called Get Fired Up.  To learn more just follow this link).



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[ii] Understanding Endorphins and Their Importance in Pain Management


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