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If you’re feeling unsafe, afraid or just uncertain about the future, take a deep breath and put your mind at ease.  

Why would you want to do that? 

Well, first off, consistent stress makes you more vulnerable to illness and yes… COVID19.  In fact, studies show that as many as 80% of all doctors visits for maladies such as colds, flu viruses, migraine headaches and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) are stress related.[i][ii][iii][iv]

Secondly, in this four part series I’m going to outline a master plan you can use to build a fortress of immunity against not only COVID19 but all invaders that subtract from the quality of your life and threaten your existence.  So without further ado, let’s jump in and see how we can create a bulletproof shield of immunity.

The Triad Of Immunity

As outlined in my book “Get High On Confidence,” there are three levels of potential breach into your immunity, which you must address if you are to shield yourself from attack by the dark forces of the world.   Without addressing these three levels you’ll more likely resemble a sinking boat with holes than a fortress of health.  As such, this prescription requires a multi-level approach, which addresses the triad of physical, mental and spiritual immunity and their accompanying solutions.  

In part one, we’ll be addressing the physical level, which includes but is not limited to, the Corona Virus (COVID19), all viruses, colds and pathogens that drain your power and make you sick.  

But first, before we do that, I’d like to ask you to set aside any judgment or fear and just acknowledge how fortunate you are right now.  Really, given the fact that you’re alive and thousands of people have just recently died, go ahead and take a deep breath in then sigh an even bigger breath of relief out.  Halleluiah, you’re alive!

Next, I think it’s important to acknowledge the fallen and send some virtual love to the lost souls and families that grieve from their loss.   You can do this on your own or just read what I’ve written below.

“I close my eyes and bow my head to those who have perished in the wake of this unprecedented global pandemic.  May you all rest and refresh your spirits with new life force and determination.  And may we all be inspired and reminded how precious life really is by renewing our own determination to really make the most of this life.”  

Knowledge Is A Potent Destroyer of Fear

Next, I’ll be arming you with a dose of reality to hopefully quell your fear and bolster your shield of immunity.  

I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio) and heard an announcer call the USA the “United States of Anxiety”.   I thought, wow, how appropriate.  We have soccer moms flooding the markets and stealing each other’s toilet paper.  We see fearful investors selling all their stocks as if the stock market will never recover (like it has every single time in history).  And we see people buying guns and hoarding food like an apocalypse to end of the world is near. 

Unfortunately, what most people fail to look at or investigate is the history of all viruses, some even more deadly than COVID19.  And since knowledge is such a potent destroyer of fear, let’s just do a quick little study on previous viruses so we can see what the possible worst-case scenario may be.  

Hong Kong Flu – 1 Million Dead

First on the flu list is the "Hong Kong Flu" an influenza virus that killed over 1,000,000 in 1968; and yes, that is “one million people.”

Asian Flu – 2 Million Dead

Of course, before the Hong Kong Flu, there was the "Asian Flu," which killed twice as many at over 2,000,000 people. 

Spanish Flu – 50 Million Dead

And before the Asian Flu we experienced the worst pandemic in history, The Spanish Flu from 1918 to 1920, which infected 500 million people (about a quarter of the world's population at the time) and killed 50,000,000 people.  And yes, that is “fifty million people.”

To put this into perspective, at the time of this writing, the Corona Virus has killed just slightly over 46,000 people worldwide in roughly six months and at this rate we’re looking at somewhere around 100 to 300 thousands deaths in a year.   And while no death statistic from a virus is a good statistic the more commonly known Influenza Flu regularly kills over 600,000 people every year.  

What’s The Takeaway?

Viruses and bacteria have been around for billions of years, long before our time and as you’ll learn later on from a famous battle between two adversaries (Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp) the most important thing you can do has less to do with wearing a mask and hiding in your basement and more to do with boosting your natural immunity by building your power mentally, physically and spiritually.

The second takeaway is that by viewing history we find that all evil and dark forces that destroy are themselves eventually destroyed.    

Of course, this also closely parallels the history of leadership and tyrants and reminds me of a quote so eloquently stated by Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most iconic leaders in history:

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.  There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible but in the end they always fall.”   

Similarly, viruses and pandemics may seem invincible but in the in the end they always fall.   This is so important I’m going to repeat it so you can memorize it and know that the pandemic will eventually be over. 

“Viruses and pandemics may seem invincible
but in the in the end they always fall”

Clarity Is Power

If you read “Get High On Confidence,” you may also remember that the two most important things you can do to succeed and move forward on any challenge is get clear and take action.   In this regard, it’s really important to get clear on the fact that right now is one of the greatest opportunities in the history of your life to do the most important thing you must do in this life time.  

Yes, a bold statement perhaps, considering I probably have no idea what’s important to you but consider this:

By studying those who are facing imminent death we find remarkable clarity regarding what is both important and unimportant to us all.  For instance, in the best selling book “The Top 5 Regrets of The Dying,” palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware recounts how a majority of her patients nearing death revealed their  #1 regret at the end of life.

Now can you guess what that #1 regret was?

No, it wasn’t missing out on the lottery, being famous, rich or having sex with a supermodel.  It was doing what others expected instead of doing they loved most.  

Essentially, the most important thing you need to do right now is “what you love most.”  

Now if for any reason you find this confusing and you’re thinking something along the lines of: “Do what I love, what do you mean, I’m just trying to survive,” I’m going to challenge you to again take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture.  

Whether you’re on lockdown or not, whether you are struggling with illness or not, the current worldwide pandemic could be likened to your greater consciousness hammering a 500 foot wide gong which is ringing a blasting noise telling you to wake the hell up and make some sh*t happen

Even if you don’t agree with me or my analogy, let’s face it, you probably don’t envision yourself at the end of your life as overweight, depressed, low on cash or working for someone else in a job you don’t really love.   

I’d also imagine you don’t see yourself on your deathbed feeling stoked you watched over 4 hours of TV everyday instead of following your passions and creating something really cool and unique.

And if none of that resonates, I’d also imagine you’d probably rather go down swinging with boat loads of confidence that allowed you to say what you really want to say, walk away from toxic relationships, strike out and make your mark or create a real contribution that both society and your family can benefit from. 

So with forward motion in mind, I’d like to propose a potential reason or master plan for why this whole pandemic thing is happening – at least a productive one.

While the world will never be short on negative cynics who see the world through a very small lens and very rarely if ever come up with solutions that move humanity forward, I propose is that COVID-19 is the Universe’s master plan for pushing us all to grow and expand.  

In other words, it’s an unprecedented opportunity for the entire planet to step its game up and become better human beings.   Let’s face it, humanity as a whole hasn’t exactly been kind to mother nature nor has it chosen love and compassion as its core values over greed, money and selfishness.  

And while you could listen to the cynics, the pundits and the fear mongers, this only creates more stress, which ass you now know, makes you even more susceptible to illness.  

So… since you’re body is the vessel that will carry you to your dreams and allow you to take the action necessary to bullet proof your immunity and make a contribution to the world, let’s focus on that.

Bullet (COVID19) Proof Immunity

Right now it’s time to talk about that boat your floating in, that vessel that carries you through life and shields you from the dark and evil forces of the world.

Question: How strong is your vessel?  

While health experts may disagree about solutions to the Corona Virus, they all agree that it mimics flu symptoms and like the flu is also a virus. Factually speaking, we also know that the most at risk population are people with compromised immunity, namely the sick and elderly.[v]

Furthermore, a recent study published in the Journal of American Medical Association reported that children rarely contract or show signs of the Corona Virus due to their enhanced immune systems.[vi]

With these two pieces of indisputable evidence it’s now clear that whether or not you go unscathed or find yourself in the hospital is in large part due to the strength of your immune system.   And further evidence shows that your immunity, or lack thereof, is directly tied to what you eat, whether or not you exercise, how much sleep you get and how you manage stress, all of which we’ll handle in this series, so if you’re not already subscribed to my email list or social media channels make sure you do that.

Now pay close attention… If you’re overweight, eat fast food, love sugar, get sick a lot, are over 40 or have other health challenges, chances are your immune system is compromised and could put you at a higher risk of death if you do contract a lethal virus.  

So while it’s important to practice social distancing and washing your hands, right now is not the time to bury your head in a TV or become one with the couch and a bag of potato chips.  Right now it’s time to step up and grow by taking action to bulletproof your immune system to virus proof.  

And if health just isn’t that important to you, just think of the bonus here.  By boosting your immunity you’ll also have more energy to not only fight off those invaders but pursue your dreams, find real success and make a contribution to your family and society.   You can’t do that in a hospital and you surely can’t do it from the graveyard.  So let’s talk about something I think can really help you.

The Power Diet

The Power Diet, is my latest book created to help you make simple 10 minute power meals that bolster your immune shield with rich, savory and delicious food.  And while The Power Diet in its entirety is out of the scope of this post I will highlight some of the most important strategies and follow up with a link to the book plus a free “Master Guide” which gives you a summary of The Power Diet on one downloadable page.

Eating Simple But Powerful Food

I believe eating should be simple without having to think a lot when preparing or ordering food.  And while food and nutrition are indeed a complex subject, which could be discussed and argued for eons, there are really three key things you need to remember when you buy your food and when you eat it.  

I call these “The Three Pillars,” due to the fact that when you combine them they support each other like a triangle, which forms one of the most unbreakable foundations in the universe.  

Similarly, when you take action to implement the three pillars of The Power Diet you too will have an unbreakable foundation from which to fight off invaders as well as support, grow and sustain all of the activities of your life. 

The Three Pillars are as follows:

1)  Quality - What it’s made of and where it comes from

2)  Quantity - How much you should eat for maximum power

3)  Frequency - When you should eat for maximum power

The Power Is In The Food

The basic premise of The Power Diet relates to the timeless credo of the father of medicine Hippocrates who once said: 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Essentially, if you eat the right foods (power foods) this food will function as powerful medicine, which will boost your mental and physical power with super powered microbes, enhanced detoxification and reduced inflammation, which will eventually allow you to ditch the doctors and the diseases that plague most of humanity.  

One of the central concepts of The Power Diet is reflected in the infamous 18th Century battle between two well-known scientists Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) and Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908). 

While both of these men wanted to make an impact on the world with their work, they eventually became adversaries with two strikingly different opinions about where disease comes from.  Just check out this chart below:

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Turns out just about everything old Louis proposed created inflammation and has, for the most part, been debunked.  Quite ironically, Mr. Pasteur, for which pasteurization was named, suffered from two strokes, ate a lot of power draining food and died a lot earlier than Antoine.  

Unfortunately, over 100 years later we’re still eating predominantly pasteurized foods (at least in the United States) that have been cooked to 161 degrees, which has created loads of inflammation and disease, the evidence of which is overwhelming.   

Of course Hippocrates himself discovered long ago that the real challenge was not the invaders from the outside but the power of the host to fight off invaders from both the inside and outside as he also so famously declared:

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”

For instance, if we took two people, one who ate fast food and never exercised and one with a balanced diet and exercised regularly and exposed them to the corona virus, you’d more than likely get a very different response. 

My own cousin is married to a super healthy guy who contracted the corona virus and unknowingly gave it to his family.  Since he ate mostly power foods and exercised regularly he showed no signs of the virus while his family, who did not eat many power foods or exercise regularly, got really ill.  

So at this point I’m going to again defer to Béchamp and Hippocrates who declared:

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” 

And while there are several variables that can boost or drain your power, one key element The Power Diet focuses on is the power of your microbiome - the delicate balance of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses in your body.

According to studies, your gut wall houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system.[vii]  As New York Times best-selling author and medical director of The UltraWellness Center Dr. Mark Hyman says: 

“You might not attribute digestive problems with allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, acne, chronic fatigue), mood disorders, autism, dementia and cancer. Many diseases seemingly unrelated are actually caused by gut problems.  If you want to fix your health, start with your gut. Gut health literally affects your entire body.”

Since your gut is such a crucial player in the power equation it’s absolutely crucial you focus on eliminating the foods that compromise this function and adding in foods that lead to a balanced microbiome.  Accordingly, The Power Diet uses a unique and   and sustainable method to achieve this balance by dividing foods into three simple categories as follows:

Power Drain – These foods are toxic for various reasons and should be eliminated from your diet completely.  

Power Limit – The foods can boost your power yet drain it when eaten too frequently or in excessive portions.  These foods should be consumed on a limited basis – one to three days per week.  If you still have limited power after limiting these for 90 days, eliminate them altogether. 

Power Boost – These foods turn on your natural ability to cleanse toxins, kill harmful viruses and bacteria, shed fat, and boost energy, strength.  But that’s not it, they also have the power to boost libido, Testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) and should take up a majority of your plate at every meal.

So what are the power drains, limits and boosts?  

Since a full explanation of The Power Diet is out of the scope of this article you can read the entire book by clicking on this Amazon link here - The Power Diet on Amazon.  Additionally, since eliminating those power drains and eating the power boosters is so crucial to your immunity and crushing those viral invaders I created The Power Diet Master Guide, which you can download right now for free.  Just click that orange button below.

This guide is a master chart which summarizes The Power Diet and shows you exactly what foods to eliminate, limit and boost.   If you want to increase your defenses, boost your energy and learn how to create 10 minute meals that taste rich, delicious and satisfying just click on the download link below.

And stay tuned!  In a few days I’ll be following up with the Master Blasters.  These are some of the most powerful natural supplements and strategies on earth that can supercharge your immune system. 

To your health - Chad Scott

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