The Right Timing Can Get The “Thing” Up And Running — Natural Ways To Overcome Ed

Based on what we have talked about on my previous blog, we have tackled how experimenting and openly communicating with each other can really spice things up, On today’s blog, we’ll be talking about how timing and the natural ways to overcome ED can help you out on your journey.

Timing Is Everything

If you’ve ever gone to bed, tried to have sex and couldn’t even boost a banana but then woke up with a full woody, you may have asked, “Where were you when I needed you most,” as if your most trusted soldier had an answer.

Oddly, it turns out that the most common and convenient time for sex is most often the worst time to have sex.  

When it comes to erection power, we now know that several critical factors must be in play for your big guy to stand tall including nitric oxide, testosterone, and blood flow.   

Now can you guess what’s flowing through your veins in the morning more than any other time? That’s right, lots of testosterone and hopefully, since you’re getting a good 7-8 hours of rest, you’ll have an abundance of erection power to play with.    

But mornings aren’t the only time for highly potent soldier strength. Your testosterone levels are elevated roughly every 3-4 hours during the day. So one hour you may find your battery completely out of juice and a few hours later you may be feeling fully charged and frisky. 

For instance, you may feel a little frisky charge right after you eat a nutritious meal, especially if you eat testosterone producing foods (we’ll get to those shortly) and do not flood the tank.

Again, you’ll need to have a talk and communicate this to your partner. This is absolutely critical, as the more open and spontaneous you can be, the better the sex you can have. 


Here’s another team building opportunity. Talk with your partner about the realities of testosterone we just mentioned. For example, depending on your circumstances you could say something like, “I notice I get a little aroused right after lunch, maybe we could romp around in the living room next time that happens. What do you think?”

Next, make an agreement that allows you to both be sexually spontaneous when your testosterone levels are elevated and more compassionate when they’re not.   

Of course, this isn’t just about the guys, ladies you may have some timing issues as well. For instance, you may be menstruating. So while you discuss the testosterone timing make sure you agree to work with any female factors as well.

Here’s an example of a hypothetical Sunday afternoon.  

Let’s say you’re watching a game, but you’re feeling the rock of Gibraltar rise in your pants or perhaps just a little tingling feeling in your erogenous zone. This is the boost of testosterone, which could be cause for a panty raid.  

If you’ve talked about this in advance and agreed to take advantage of these opportunities, you’ll actually act on it and not only have amazing star studded sex, but increase your team bond. 

So go ahead and take action by making an agreement for spontaneous testosterone induced sex. Here’s an example:

When testosterone is on the rise, as long as we are home and female issues are clear, can we agree to a panty raid?

Sustaining A Stiffy And Going The Distance

Timing isn’t just important for the time you have sex but the exact moment of insertion into the tunnel of love.  

Think about it: have you ever experienced a time when you got erect but you couldn’t sustain it long enough to actually dive in that warm, wet, silky hole? Like maybe you missed your window of opportunity? Or maybe you just couldn’t get your soldier to do a full salute and the love tunnel shut down for business.

In the case of the latter, as long as you’ve used Option 1 or 2 from above she should be good and lubed up, which means you won’t need a rock hard erection to slide it in. You’ll really only need to be about 80-90% of full capacity in order to guide your magic wand past the entry gate.  

Again, wet and wild with lubrication will make all the difference here. Just keep in mind, in order to keep the blood going strong and that erection remaining long, you’ll need to pick up the velocity and keep it up.

The Roller Coaster of Love (Tension and Release)

While you may fear the loss of your erection and it may be tempting to bang away with no change in velocity, this could lead to a couple of challenging situations.

First, you simply won’t be able to sustain this velocity without premature ejection or your army of soldiers. Second, women don’t like to be pounded at high velocity for extended periods of time. Eventually, this can desensitize their feeling of pleasure and possibly even lead to pain from too much friction.

To counteract these pitfalls, but still maintain maximum blood flow, make sure you use tension and release.   

A great analogy here is a rollercoaster ride, which gradually edges up a steep hill in anticipation of something big. Then, once you get to the top you accelerate full force down the hill and this cycle repeats itself.  

Excitingly, this repetition can be further enhanced by going upside down into a 360-degree loop, which in sex terms could equate to flipping your partner into a new position.   

Of course, sex is no different and using this analogy of tension and release could really make the difference between a short disappointing eruption and a long sustained loveathon, which once again builds your bond and solidifies your relationship.   

This evidence also supports the use of good music with lots of tension and release. So if you’re listening to songs with 140BMP velocity as mentioned earlier, you can slow down a bit when the song slows down and ramp it up again when it hits the chorus.  

Breathe Deep To Delay Orgasm

We’ve all been there! You’re pounding away and all of a sudden (Oh Sh*t) you just can’t hold back any longer and you prejack (that’s shorthand for premature ejaculation).

In order to avoid this potentially embarrassing situation, maintain the magic in your wand, and delay your orgasm, it’s absolutely critical to slow down and breath deeply through your nose using the Ujjayi technique we talked about earlier.  

Additionally, if you’re overstimulated and need more delaying power, pull out and squeeze the tip of your dong to constrict some of the blood which will relax your soldier and keep him on duty.  

Eliminate Interruptions

When it comes to missing your window, it’s also important to know in advance that any interruption like getting up to get a condom or lubricant could kill your chances of a successful romp in the sack. So before you initiate sex, make sure you’ve handled the music, lights and your condom and lubricant are within arms reach.

If this is your long-term partner, once she’s wet and wild and you’re stiff like a pipe, it’s time to slide in your magic wand. If you need to use a condom to capture any baby soldiers I recommend first gaining entry bareback and pounding away for a couple of minutes first. Why?

Bareback entry will enable you to get in quicker and pound away until your member is fully engorged with blood, at which time you can reach for the condom and put it on.  

If this is a new relationship and you need to start with a condom, make sure it’s within arms reach so you can put it on while you’re still hard.  

What happens if I go flaccid with a condom on?

Don’t panic, instead just breathe deep, stay calm and use Option 1 or 2 as mentioned previously until you’re really ready. Again, if anything goes wrong (and it will) just remember this formula:

More Velocity = More Blood Flow = More Stiffness

Lastly, if things just aren’t working out, this is a sign you lack power in the secret agent department and may just need to take a break to regain your strength. If this is the case, honor it, talk to your partner and agree to be compassionate towards one another when these challenges arise.  

Most importantly, have fun, laugh, explore and remember there is no right or wrong; you’re simply experimenting to find the best solution.  

Have fun, laugh, explore and remember…
there is no wrong or right!

If you stick with these strategies, I guarantee you and your partner will see positive if not miraculous results. By engaging in team sex over time, you’ll form a new habit, which will start to reinforce sharing power as part of your overall relationship building strategy and love will increase on all fronts. And… you won’t even need those blue pills.

Just keep in mind, you’ll need to communicate your needs and handle the roots of those underlying challenges. And if you feel awkward in mutual masturbation or insecure about team sex or sharing power, I’ve got even better news as we are about to move onto the most important of way to battle ED.

Another end to another chapter, Can’t wait for the next one? I highly suggest dropping by and checking Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures here.

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