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“The Road To Someday Leads To A Town Called Nowhere.” – Anthony Robbins


Ever find yourself saying: “Someday I’ll start that project,” “Someday I’ll look for a partner,” “Someday I’ll start that marketing campaign.” Sometimes it could be legitimate, like you’re really not ready for a relationship and you need to learn how to love yourself, but more often than not that word “Someday” seems to be more of an excuse than a legitimate reason.

But why do we make excuses?  Are we lazy or just scared of the work that needs to be done, or even scared of the success that could lie ahead.  Probably a combination of all if you ask me.  But when you get just a little bit of clarity and you notice that hey: You’re never gonna be ready 100% and the longer you wait the further away you get from what you really want.

At this point the first step of awareness is taken care of, now you need some momentum with the first action step in moving towards making someday “Today!”  Action of course is the ultimate catalyst for all change.  So get off the couch and take a step by writing down a plan of action then do something immediately.

Wednesday Wisdom #42

Every Wednesday I post a killer quote to keep you at the top of your game!

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