While TV and movies turn off your frontal cortex and make you uncreative and extremely lazy, there are exceptions for an occasional downtime where you are simply in need of rejuvenation and motivation.   Movies are powerful motivators and here are 5 of the top confidence builders that might just motivate you to stack another victory.  You’ve probably seen them, but watching them twice will allow you to learn more from the second or third viewing.

Matrix 1 – When Anderson fully manifests his power from his confidence built throughout the movie, he unleashes a disemboweling jolt of energy into the matrix man and completely destroys him.  But, this only happened once he had the power of faith that comes from the Third Level of the Triad.




Seabiscuit – The horse Jockey portrayed in Seabiscuit is beaten miserably time after time after time until he finally starts to learn from his mistakes at which time he wins the most prestigious race of all, the Triple Crown.    Remember, this belief about failure:  “Failure is a prerequisite to success, you can’t win without failing”








Rocky 1 – Similar to Seabiscuit, Rocky is a nobody from nowhere who is beaten, but instead of giving up he fights on, never retreating.  He also fights for love or “purpose” also from the third level of the Triad.  When he fights with a strong unbreakable purpose nothing can stop him.



Avatar – Avatar is one of my favorite all-time movies especially the last most dramatic scene of the film where the defeated avatar rises from the ashes to ride the dragon and make it his horse of power.    When he swoops into the village of suffering people he gives them hope that they can defeat the invaders, but he had to “put his head into the mouth of the lion” so to speak in order to ride that dragon and save the day.  He risked everything and vanquished evil.


Hoosiers – Hoosiers again relies on faith, but the collective faith of a team to overcome adversity and triumph under insurmountable pressure.  In addition to faith, success and its associated confidence came from stacking victories (1st Level of the Triad of Unbreakable Confidence), specifically practicing fundamentals like shooting thousands of free throws until it became automatic.

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