When it comes to Mother Nature’s Turbo Chargers there are several powerful plants that have been discovered over the millennia, which have restored sexual potency for thousands of men and could be just what you need to shore up any cracks in your Manhood.

supplements to increase erection

In a nutshell (pun intended), the supplements that I’m going to share with you will significantly improve your endolethial function, which allows for vascular relaxation, nitric oxide production, more blood flow, lower blood pressure, lower cortisol, and boosting your big guy – naturally! 

Not only that but you’ll also have the added benefit of greater sperm count and greater sperm motility, otherwise known as turbo charged sperm!

But… I need to issue a WARNING!

Many men reading this will skip straight to the quick fix.  In reality, there is no magic bullet.  In fact, if you simply log on to Amazon and look up “ED Supplements,” what you’ll invariably find is a glutton of horrible reviews.  To prove my point I’ve pasted a few reviews taken straight from Amazon (Feel free to Google them and verify they are real):

“Can cause diarrhea… When I first took this product my first experience was having severe diarrhea I had diarrhea for a whole week and only took two pills out of the three that it suggests” – Al Damon

“It’s toxic” – Oswaldo

“I did not feel well after taking the product. Felt like it had a lot of Caffeine in it.”  Tim Tague

“After a week taking these pills i started throwing up after each meal i ate.  talked to many different doctors they were all agreed it was because of this supplement and also i felt like im tired instead of getting energy so not recommended at all” –  Afshan

These reviews are actually quite common and if you’ve tried some of these supplements you know first hand (like I do) how they can actually move you even further backwards.  So right now I’m going to tell you something most of these manufacturers do not have the balls or integrity to tell you, so listen up closely to the following:    

“No supplement by itself will give you the power to raise a steel pipe on command like when you were 25.”

If you’re experiencing testosterone deficiency and/or cortisol overload and have yet to handle the root of your challenges, none of these supplements will make much of a difference.  High cortisol and low T will decrease your nitric oxide production, plummet your libido and deflate your dong. 

Remember, not even a PDE5 inhibitor like Viagra, will give you complete control in boosting a boner.  And when it comes to natural supplements they only have a limited effect when used alone.

The good news is, by using a program like the Man Up Program with supplements, you’ll be able to maximize your potential for full soldier strength, man up and make your partner to jump for joy. 

Again, as I mention in all my blog posts you’ll need to handle the root before you try any of these supplements.  So be realistic and don’t look for miracles until you integrate them with the other elements of the Man Up protocol.

The Rock Star Rating System

Now, assuming you’ve handled the root challenges of your particular circumstances let’s go ahead and investigate the most popular and not so popular supplements Mother Nature has to offer.  But instead of just listing them I’ve created what I call “The Rock Star Rating System,” which rates five key criteria and grades each criteria with a score of 1-10 (10 being best) with the best possible score of 50.  Let’s take a look at these top 5 criteria.

  1. Boosts Testosterone & Erection Strength
  2. Increases Sexual Desire & Libido
  3. Lowers Cortisol
  4. Increases Fertility & Sperm Mobility
  5. Safe to take – Low Side Effects (no diarrhea or jitters)

The only supplement to increase erection power that scoresd over 90% on the Rockstar Rating System is “The Man Up Formula” created by CS Labs (Chad Scott Labs). While I’m happy to share the formula with you and send you a link to buy a bottle, without first qualifying you to see if you’re ready for it this would not only be irresponsible but could be a waste of your hard-earned money. Ultimately, this is one of the biggest mistakes of supplement companies. They just sell to anyone even if won’t do anything for them, which is irresponsible and creates negative reviews and results.

So instead of just trying to sell a bunch of supplements, we’d like to know where you’re at in your journey to see if they will actually benefit you. We believe this is a much more responsible approach to selling supplements. If this resonates with you simply send us a Message Here

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