Wire Your Brain For Confidence Through Posture

In my last blog, I showed you the difference it would make when you do high power poses. Now that we’re ditching these low power poses, let’s wire your brain for confidence.

Time For Action

As the ageless adage goes: Proof is in the pudding! And now it’s time to eat some pudding so you can really feel the difference in your confidence levels. To do this let’s try on a few high power poses and contrast them with some low power poses as follows:

  1. First, stand up, cross your arms and ankles while slouching your shoulders forward (see images if unclear). Now hold this low power pose for a good 1 – 2 minutes. Next, hold your arms over your head like you just won the race of your life. Keep going for at least 1-2 minutes and notice any subtle shifts in your emotional state.  
  1. Next, sit down and cross your arms and ankles while slouching your shoulders forward for 1-2 minutes. Now try putting your arms behind your head and opening your legs as if you just built a $5,000,000 company from scratch and you’re basking in the spoils of your success on a beach in Hawaii. Notice any difference?
  1. Lastly, try the Superman / Superwoman power pose by standing up tall and putting your hands or fists on your waist as if you were superhumanly blocking a thief from kidnapping your baby. After about 1 – 2 minutes, try the opposite by crossing your arms and rolling your shoulders forward by slouching (see image). Again, notice the striking difference then go back to the power pose.  

Instant Posture Correction

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining correct posture and getting that boost of testosterone and lower cortisol is the simple fact that life’s demands are constantly pulling us forward.  

For example, during the course of a day, you may find yourself leaning forward to type on a computer, drive a car, wash dishes, work out or meditate, all of which have a tendency to pull your shoulders forward and take you out of the state of confidence.  

To solve this problem will require a long-term strategy like a regular yoga practice. Later on we’ll talk in detail about the massive benefits of yoga, but if you slouch a lot you may also want to consider an orthopedic posture correction device.

I’ve researched several of these in depth and found an all-natural solution with no electronics that has worked wonders in correcting my own posture during the multiple hours I spend on the computer each day.

The beauty of this device is that it feels virtually weightless, costs under $20 and instantly creates a feeling of confidence by pulling your shoulders into an open high power pose. By wearing it for an hour or so each day you’ll begin to train your muscles to stay in this position, at which point you can ditch the corrector. In the exercise world we call this muscle memory, and in combination with a good exercise program will make a massive difference in your body language.

To get an extra 15% off this Posture Corrector just visit this link www.chadscottcoaching.com/posture and input the discount code: “feelgood45621” at checkout.

Eye Contact, Speech Delivery, Gait, etc.

Technically, there are other components to body language besides posture, which include things like speech delivery, gait and eye contact, which can be a dead giveaway for low confidence.  

For instance, while looking away for a few seconds to think about the answer to a question is normal, looking away or looking down while speaking to people suggests low self-confidence and low self-esteem, which could point to some self-sabotaging beliefs.  

Similarly, how you speak and how you walk (your gait) are both influenced by your beliefs and how you feel about yourself.

Fortunately, we’re about to get a little higher and feel a lot more confident by building Passion Confidence. And along with some powerful tools in the 2nd and 3rd Levels of the Triad, Passion Confidence will allow you to not only project confident body language but knock down some of the biggest roadblocks that stand in the way of finding your buried treasure.

To continue building this confidence with much passion, you can check out the top-selling book Get High On Self Confidence here to get yourself ahead.

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