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"$22,000 each month in net income"

I was struggling with finances... in a really dark place but there's light at the end of the tunnel and I owe so much to Chad.  WLPM has been a game changer for me and my boyfriend in so many ways.  First off, it changed my deep rooted beliefs that I wasn't worthy of great wealth and second, It helped us launch an actors coaching program which is averaging $22,000 each month in net income.  I'm beyond excited... we're traveling across Europe now and loving the financial freedom.   So incredibly grateful.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart."


"Motorbiking Across Europe"

"When I saw this program on Facebook I was pretty critical, but after watching the webinar I became a believer.  Chad certainly delivers on his promises and this course has helped me see the possibilities for the first time in my life of actually quitting my day job.  With my first two passive income streams in place my wife and I are now planning our dream of motorbiking across Europe.  Can't thank you enough!"


"The Missing Link to Money"

"I've spent most my life in school learning what I thought was how to make money in the "real" world and live a "good" life but none of that measured up to Chad's course Work Less & Play more.  This is the missing link money... why so many struggle with finances and have a hard time getting ahead.  I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and can already see the changes in my own finances.  First income stream is running positive cash flow of $3,400 per month and setting up my second.  I'm finally on my way to financial freedom.  Only wish I found this earlier."


"Sailing The Sea"

"I've always wanted to be at sea, it just makes me feel alive.  WLPM has allowed me to do that by teaching me you don't have to be a slave and work the daily grind all your life.  All you really have to do is follow the course and take consistent action.  I've got 2 passive income streams set up and a third on the way and I'm sailing the sea headed to the Galapagos right now... following my passions.  Many Thanks To You Chad!"



I've never had much success with online courses before because they simply didn't address the root cause of failure, which Chad does an amazing job of teaching.   Work Less Play More has been nothing short of groundbreaking for me and I feel like I finally have hope to really cut the chains from being a financial prisoner.    First two income streams doing well with around $3,200 coming in each month.   


"An Extra $5,200 Every Month"

I also did the Man Up course with Chad and WLPM is really in a league of its own.  With the root solutions that get to the heart of the matter and the strategies to really explode your income, this is a course that has exceeded all my expectations.    Fix the root of the problem and it change my life.  Two streams only and I have an extra $5,200 coming in every month.  Now planning to go back to Brazil to visit family.  Really thank you Chad"


"Fishing The World with $36,000 per mo."

"I'm semi retired and was looking for something to make extra cash so I could spend more time fishing.  I've been an angler all my life but I've always dreamed of traveling and   fishing the world.  I've set up my first asset helping other anglers.  This has led to some high ticket coaching clients as well.  Right now I'm averaging  over 36,000 in my 6th month with about $17k in net profit and I'm just getting started.  This course is amazingly thorough and Chad is a great teacher! Many thanks and kudos for creating something so valuable."



"I was a previous client of Chad's and when he offered me a great deal on WLPM I couldn't refuse so I went for it.  I wasted so much time running in circles on YouTube trying to make money but after spending 3 years and making less than $100 I gave up.  It's incredibly reassuring knowing that no matter what I have passive income coming in from my online course and real estate. This course overdelivers.  I think Chad could easily charge $20k for it and people would pay it.  Just grateful to be in the right place at the right time!"


"Step By Step Guidance"

"Thought I'd write a review because this course really deserves kudos.  I've been an online marketer but just never could take it to the next level and cut my hours and play more.  This for me was the solution.  It's real life scenarios with step by step guidance and Chad has been there with me the whole time.  Of course the best part is the time freedom.  I'm scaling back my normal work hours at my day job and spending more time with my son who just started walking.  Super excited... Thanks so much Chad"


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